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Heidi Fleiss and Abs...


Just saw a clip on Court TV's "Hollywood Heat", showing Heidi's splash page for her "Women's only for male escorts" whorehou$e in Nevada, and guess what: It features 4 images of male ripped abs!!...Hmmm, what's the deal with that?...Since mainly well ($piked) heeled Cougar$ can afford to play there, does this prove women secretly desire men with visible abs, a' la Chippendale$?...What say U MWA T-Vixens on this $ubject?...


I'm not a woman but, um . . . this is news to you??




I thought jumping up in weightclasses from 275 to 308 was gonna get me laid more :frowning:


Guess I'll never get a straight answer to this one, must be a secret between women they dont want men to know about...sigh


Since when was it a secret that women like guys with ripped abs?



I call bullshit. The next thing you are going to try to tell me is that they like money.


If you've got enough money you could always get an abdominal etching, though I don't know of many millionaires with abs. Apparently money > abs.


ROTFL :slightly_smiling:


You mean I'm not the only one?!?


Another one... just because.


At the risk of falling off a cliff here, what I was trying to contrast was the use of the ab shots in her ad being or not being equivalent to similar ads for the female houses of ill repute, which tend to feature girls with large bosoms wearing spiked heels and provocative expressions.

The male photos showed no faces, just torsos. It's generally accepted that males are more "visual", so I guess I'm trying to get input to figure out just what these shots are meant to evoke in women who would be interested in such services. Why not butts, or backs, or even crotches rather than abs?.

Maybe something similar to the covers of romance novels, where heaving bodices and ripped abs are standard(?). Maybe I'm seeking a depth that's not even there (overthinking the issue). Dont mean to annoy, just trying to understand the reasoning behind the marketing style, it clearly is not accidental...


But on the other hand, one would have to have some ab development to begin with for the etching to work, and as you pointed out, most of the big money boys tend to be overweight or undermuscled (they'd end up looking like GH guts with pipestem arms and legs!). I've got a video on ab etching, maybe I should convert it to flash and post it up(?)...


WTF? There is no way that is Leonard Nimoy's body.

Here's the thing with the majority of women, in my experience. There is no universal attractiveness with guys faces, though this is largely true with men. This means I can show a picture of an extremely attractive girl (in my opinion) to ten guys and I'm sure nine or ten of those guys will agree that she is extremely attractive.

On the other hand if I found a picture of an extremely attractive man (again, in my opinion) and showed it to ten femals, there would be much more mixed opinions as to the man's attractiveness. This would probably be the main reason they would market body parts, and not faces, towards women.

Abs are universally accepted by today's society. In fact you can be extremely soft all over but have solid abs and the average Joe will think you are fit. If you had a pot belly but had leaner limbs people wouldn't consider you as fit as the first guy. Further, if you are fit most people will ask to see either your biceps or your abs, abs being more sexual in nature due to their position and ability to bring just enough crotch/hips into the shot to be suggestive.

Women want to be young, young is associated with fitness and sex, women associate the advertised product with these things, the item is purchased because of the emotional connection.


I feel sorry for those man whores. I mean sure, don't get me wrong, it'd be great to get some hott cougar ass, but there'll be plenty of toothless rich fatties that will be offsetting the pleasure of plowing a tall, firm assed blonde cougar with implants.

ya know what i mean, verne?


Ha! No, that is an extremely artistic and well done "Celebrity Fake"..."Fakiry" is an amusing underground culture popular on usenet. Most work are crude XXX trash by untalented newbies intoxicated with the power of Photoshop, but there are a select few who create amazingly artistic and clever work very flattering to the celebs (Sandra Bullock commented favorably when shown a few well done Fakirs of herself, thought it cool they made her looks so good, while Alyssa Milano wanted to sue, even though she's done real nude scenes (she smelled money and publicity)...If curious, check out this link-- http://www.lairofluxlucre.com/
This will show the usenet address to see free images, and there are free areas of the lair to been seen also...

This theory sounds reasonable to me...Thanks for the brainstorming, Bro'Schwarzenegger...A big Cohiba Churchill for you!/:wink: