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Heel won't Heal! WTF

Ok so about 2 months agao I smacked the back of my heel of some plates on the floor. Didn’t think too much about it. Was painful at first , but I finished workout. Figured it was an area that healed slowly. But months later it’s still bothering me.

Everytime I’m benching I keep hitting it on the bench stand when getting into position and it kills. I honestly don’t think I fractured anything, but I can’t believe how it still sensitive. Anybody else ever have something like this? Any suggestions of what to do?

I actually did that back in high school throwing the shot around one day…

I did the same thing and walked it off for a few months haha, eventually I just forgot about it and it was gone. Although, I suspect my throwing shoes for being the reason the pain kept coming back. Never hurts to have it checked out.

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Thanks BBB. I’ll try all of those.

lol on bench/coordination. It’s not often, but theres always something I hit. Whether it be a plate, Db, EZbar or a piece of equipment…I always seem to hit it just right. My fault for doing calf work barefooted I suppose.

Yea peri can take months to heal. Had a buddy I helped rehab a B-ball injury and he bruised the femur. It bothered him for several months. Follow BBB’s rehab advice and that should help facilitate the process. You could even do contrast foot baths, one with hot water one with ice water, 10-15 minutes in each one (not sure if he mentioned that). Good luck man!

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I’ve injured my heels a time or two. Once thing I’ve found helpful while its sensitive is to have a heel cushion in my shoe. It lessens the force of impact from walking, standing, etc. And everyone else here already gave awesome advice so I won’t go further. Just wanted to mention the heel cushion 'cause it helped me tremendously.