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Heel Pain

I have been experiencing very annoying heel pain for the past couple of weeks.

Well, it actually starts at the heel, kind of like I had a bone spur, and shoots up my tendon, almost like something is pulling on it.

It feels the worst when I wake up and walk to the bathroom.

If I had to guess I would say I hurt it doing seated heel raises but I am not sure.

Any suggestions on how to improve it?

Thanks, Rene’

I would guess that your Achilles tendon is shortening up overnight (when it is inactive), try a gentle 30 second stretch 1st thing in the am, and then throughout the day. Also consider how much use it’s getting and maybe cutting back if it’s overuse…


You’ve got all the classic signs of “Plantar fasciitis”. I’ve had it, it’s bad, it stopped me from running, and even walking, for almost an entire year.

Do a search on the internet for causes and treatments. Stretching and icing/cold gel packs are known to help, but I think you’d be better off having it looked at. Some people go to a gp doctor, some go to an orthopedic surgeon, some go to a podiatrist.
Start looking for causes and treat it immediately. If it becomes chronic, you will be miserable, trust me.


Rene’ some people think that it starts from doing things like calf raises. Evaluate your form/technique carefully, IF you are doing a lot of calf raises. Sometimes it just occurs spontaneously.

I looked on the net for info and OUCH! Sounds like I have a lot to do.

Thanks for the help.