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Heel Elevation for Front Squats


Alright so recently started doing front squats. I've read that putting a board under your heels is a good idea - why is this, exactly?

What height is good? An older T-Nation thread suggests 2x4s. Training shoes give you a 3/4" heel I think



For elevation I use a 20kg or 15kg plate under both heels. Olympic shoes are also good. Try to squat in shoes that don't have cushion under your heel. Squatting with plates under heels has helped me I can't fully explain the science, sorry about that.


it is better if you can squat without heel raise if you can. that being said, if you have relatively long femurs and / or relatively immobile ankles you will probably find heel raise helps.

i think it works by shifting your balance forwards so you don't fall backwards on your ass.


Even more quad emphasis.