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Heel/Arch Pain

I’ve had pain in my heel and arch for a few months now. It will come every now and then but the last 2 weeks, its been bothering me everyday in the morning. I was thinking I had plantar faciaitis(sp?)but then I started having pain behind my heel and I’m thinking I have achilles tendonitis.

I’ve been using my tennis ball to do some rolling on my arch, heel, and calf. I’ve also been stretching my calf, both the soleus and gastroc. It doesn’t seem to be getting better. I’m thinking that maybe I shouldn’t stretch because maybe I have little tears in my tendon.

I had acl surgery on my right knee before and all these problems are on my left foot so I’m guessing I’m overcompensating on the left foot. Anyways, from what I’ve said so far, what do you suggest? I plan to rest this week because I just got done with a program.

I have the exaxt same thing going on with my heels.Kicked the football around the park the other day and had trouble walking for the rest of the night.

Anyone shed any light on this subject??

Shoes with less heel lift.

sounds like plantar faciiatis.



my pain from Plantar Facitis(whatever) was on the bottom of the heel ; and like you stated , right after gettin’ outta bed was hell for the first hour or so . it DID NOT go away on it’s own . finally got it cleared up with prescribed orthotics .

the NSAIDS didnt do shit , other than prolonging the pain a couple more months .