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Hedlesky's P90x/300 Workout Log


10-25-10- Hello.

Well, finished 5th at the NOTLD with a 750lbs pull @ 229lbs bodyweight. Went for 810 on my 2nd and pulled my right hamstring (which has been bothering me for a few weeks and I was hoping some rest would be enough to have it heal and still pull big, False on that one). I sweat out a ton of water weight for the 24 hour weigh in and wasnt completely back to normal when warm-ups started. Oh well, I lost 51lbs and got stronger in the process. I just wish it would have showed at the meet. 705 was a speed pull. 810 felt like nothing in my hands and in the first 8 inches off the floor. It sucks but it is going to be all the more impressive when I put some weight back on and absolutely dominate the Arnold.

That being said, the meet was awesome. I was very happy to see and talk with Tom Eisman again. He is one of the classiest guys I have ever met.

I was pretty fired up from the very beginning. I got to do all of my warm ups with Andy Bolton. Honestly, I dont know how he fit into the gym at the high school. The guy is enormous in real life. It was a little demoralizing watching him do my opener for his last warm-up but it was pretty awesome getting to hang out/ lift weights and talk about deadlifting with one of the strongest humans on the planet. I've seen a ton of comments about how bad his pull was on the internet. I'd love to see some video's of a smoother 964lb raw deadlift.

So, thats over and it was an awesome experience. Finishing 5th with just my opener in a stacked competition like that made me feel a little better about sucking so much. My hamstring still hurts pretty bad but whatever, I need to get stronger...

LTT Squats- Parallel Box-
335x25x2<~~~ yes, thats 50 squats. Cycled through about 5 different foot positions.

Band GMs-2x greens

Hanging Leg Raises- 3x15

Band Shrugs-Green

Calf Raises- A million pounds?


Deloading is stupid... Max Upper tomorrow.


That is awesome you got to meet Andy Bolton!

I love the name of the new log, you are a beast, I will be following in the future.

How long did it take you lose all that weight?


Thanks buddy! I started the diet/cardio stuff on July 15th, 2010. The weigh in was October 22nd, 2010. So, however long that is. haha. Almost 4 months. I'm glad I did it and I learned a lot about proper eating and macronutrient distributions based on needs and stuff but, I am never doing that shit again. I was miserable the last week or so and it killed my strength. I would rather weight 250-275 and hit PR's every meet than weigh 230 and do "ok" based on my bodyweight.


10-26-10- ME Upper

SledgeHammer Rotationsx5mins each arm

Fatty Bar Bench Press+ 120lbs of chain (added about 100lbs at lockout)

Floor Press
225x15, close
225x15, wide

Incline DB Rollbacks

BB Bent Row-

DB Side Raises-

DB Bent Rear Raises-

Hammer Curls-

One day, my bench wont suck.


Hate you <3

Plus I wanted to thank you for your PM a while back about deadlifts. Felt honored with great wisdom you shared. Will be following.


Thanks man, hope the info helped. Also, this is going to piss you off even more... thats a typo, I meant 750. Haha.


10-26-10- Extra Stuff

135lb sledx6 40 yard sprints w/ 30-45s rest<~~~~ easy, just wanted to do some sprints.
Standing Ab work in a bunch of different directions x 96 total reps


Good luck at the Arnold. I'll be following this too.


Have a video from NOTLD? If you made the 810 lift what place would that put you in?


Great job at the competition. I was watching the video stream and saw some good lifting.


Awesome that you met Andy, youll get 810 next time around.


Thanks man, it should be pretty nuts.


Yea, I have video's of a bunch of lifts from the meet. I am gonna put them all up when I have some time. I think 810 would have put me at 3rd. The 830 I was planning on getting would have gotten me second but Andy would have had to pull more. Oh well. Maybe next time.


It was an awesome show. The only thing better than the lifting was how ballistic the crowd was going the entire time.


Thanks man, there is a few months until my next meet. So 810 might be an opener. I am much stronger than I showed at the meet.


10-27-10- Upper Stuff (1)

5mins- Sledge Rotations
3mins- DB Bench- 40's
45lb plate raises-4x20

Stretched everything


10-28-10-ME Lower (5)

Cambered Bar High Box Saquats 120lbs of chain (inch above parallel, only 3 or 4 chains on the floor at lockout)

First time doing heavy squats with the Vibrams on... it was awesome.

550x1<~~~~~ Erectors completely killed themselves when I fired off the box.

SLDL's- Worked up to 605x6

Hanging Leg Raises- 1/2 inch chain hanging from ankles. sucked.

Landmine Plate Pinch- Just picking up and dropping
145lbsx0<~~~~ thumb exploded
140lbsx0<~~~~ thumb even more exploded.

Regular x 1min
Right x 1min
Left x 1min

Flushed my legs out with 100 jumps w/ jump rope and 5mins on a bike with the resistance jacked up
Stretched everything

Awesome day today. Lots of weight lifting all around. Kris Barret destroyed a band deadlift with 295 on the bar and quaded minis. His old max was 225 for 3. Strongman Andy Deck put on his deadlift suit in preperation for the Arnold and smashed a 675lb pull with some pounds to spare. Great stuff.

My workouts for the next week are going to be whatever I can do in the fitness room on the cruise/attempting to drink all the bourbon on the boat.


Planks - not just for teenage stamp collectors then (as Poliquin wrote some time back)


Hahaha. Poliquin does have some awesome shit out there, but I do disagree with that. Think about what yur abs do when you squat and deadlift. There is no flexion. There definitely is not extension. Just isometric muscle action and anti-flexion... sounds a lot like a plank to me!


11-7-10- DE Lower- (5) - Accumulation Week 1 - 16 weeks out

Speed Squats- 440lbs band tension, 165lbs bar weight- 7x2<~~~ really effin fast
Speed Pulls- Quaded Monster Minis- 315lbs bar weight- 8x2

Sled Pulls- 50 yards
225x1 trip
270x3 trips
300x1 trip

Superset all of these:
4 way hip thingy's- Purple band x 25 each leg
One Arm Standing Band Rows- Blue x 4x15
45 Degree GHR Band Sit-Ups- Purple x 4x12
Standing Band Side Bends- Blue x 2x20

Forward Lunges x 5mins
Stretched x 5mins

Happy to be back in America. More tomorrow.