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Hedlesky's How to Get Fat and Strong


Got 1923 at the meet. Not terrible for only about 3 weeks of real training and barely using any gear. Missed a 501 bench and an 815 pull that would have put me over 2000lbs. I will smoke them next time. Already started training again. So here it is:

Monday-4-18-11- RE Stuff

High Box Squats- 135x5x10
Box Jumps- 24inchesx5x5

Light Band Pull Throughsx3mins
Hamstring Curls-Lightx100
Back Ext.-2x25

100lb BB snatches
Jump Rope

The Tabata sucked.

Wednesday- 4-20-11- RE

Bamboo Bench- 50x10, 100x10, 150x2x10
Med Ball Chest Passes-18lbsx5x5

BB Curlsxbarx75
Hammer Curls-40lbsx5x10/10s rest between sets<~~~ felt swole, brah!
Tricep Push Downs- Light Bandx100

Shoulder Traction in a million different directions for 10 minutes.

I dont know what will be harder tomorrow:

Safety squat bar squats


Eating 800g of carbs


If you abandon this log as quickly as the last one I am going to be pissed.


Yes for this log being back!


hahaha. Sorry man. I didn't have a whole lot of time to train for the meet and my school/work schedule was suicide inducing. I will do better this time.


Thusday-4-21-11- ME lower

Lifted with Andy Deck today. I am helping him on his powerlifts and he is helping me not turn into a fatass while I gain weight. So:

Box Jumps: 75%- 30inches-6x3

SSb Squats to a Parallel Box- Not sure how much the bar weighs, somewhere between 65-75:
225x3, 315x1, 405x1, 500x1, 550x1 (really 570-580), 575x1 (really 595-605)

18inch rack pulls- worked up to 600 for 6, then 700 for 5

Band Ham Curls- Strong- 5x10
Back Ext.-5x10 w/35lb db

Conditioning- Prowler- 50 foot trips with 400+lbs for about 10 minutes. I got 12 total trips and it felt like my lungs got Rhabdo.

After I finish coughing up blood, I will do some mobility work inbetween team training sessions. Today was awesome.


I'm glad you started another log, good luck with your 2000+ total


Looking forward to your transition into yeti-hood.

Also thanks for the ab work advice, the front squat holds feel like I've been punched in the gut by a team of hateful fucking midgets and seem to be making a legitimate difference on how stable I feel when pulling even, in this short a span of time.


Mike, are you doing these with a percentage and set/rep scheme in place of speed work? Im currently only doing 1 lower day a week, as Im putting some more focus on training for a bench only meet. And Ive been using box jumps to warm up for squatting, the last couple weeks. I'd love to be able to keep up my speed with the jumps, if at all possible. What kind of progression are you using for these?


Yea man, it's nuts how fast you see benefits from training your abs correctly. Those holds probably won't get you a "six-pack" but you will be strong as shit if you keep doing them.


Honestly, I have no idea. My training partner right now is taking care of planning all of that stuff out. We are just messing around to see if we get some transfer to our lifts/events (he does strongman). I think the plan is 75%, 85%, 95% from week to week. Definitely not in place of speed work but more of a warm-up for the main lifts of the day. So far, I feel fantastic by the time the actual workout starts.


Thanks man, I get the feeling I am going to be well over 2000 at the next one!



Speed Pull-ups- Strong Band- 6x3
Med Ball Chest Passes- 30lbs- 6x3

Bench- 170+80lbs of chain- Balistic (bar basically freefalls but is caugh and reversed before if hits the chest)- 12x3

Incline DB Bench- 70's for 49
Elbows Up Ext.- Barx10, 95x10, 135x10, 145x10

Bent BB Row- 135x10, 185x10, 225x20
Yates Row- 135x4x20

Bamboo Bench- 50x10, 100x10, 150x3x10

Prowler- 140lbs-high handles- three 2min rounds w/90s rest

Stretched to death, now I'm dead.


Sunday- 4-26-11- DE Lower


Power Cleans- 185x12x3

7 sets to a LOW box
5 sets to soft foam

6 sets conventional
6 sets sumo

Seated Upper Back GMs w/SSB-
75x8, 165x8, 215x4x8<~~~~ this is the best exercise I have ever done.

Flippy- 2x25 flips- 1:40 was my best time
Sandbag Carry-200lbsx100 feet

Fat Bar Deadlifts- grip work
75x5, 165x5, 255x5, 345x5, 400x1

My everything hurts. I am pretty sure a little part of my brain was pulled out of my skull while doing the upper back gms.


Monday- Extra Crap-4-25-11

Jump Ropex100
Rev. Band DL- Green+225x100
Hamstrng Curl- Lightx100
Band Crunches- Green- 25 conventional, 25 sumo, 50 side bends


body weight up to 280, hopefully my bench won't suck tomorrow.


As usual, I am lurking around to see what the strong people are doing. How has the "Box Jumps" helped you in your squats and/or Deadlifts? I was thinking of incorporating box jumps as well and I wanted to get your assessment of how box jumps have helped you.


Ok, I have some serious updating to do so here we go:


Close grip bench-405x1, barely missed 415
DB bench-130sx12,9,8-29 total

Bunch of other less exciting things.

Thursday-4-28-11- ME Lower at University of Richmond

Was at Richmond for a conference. Got to hear Dr. Yessis talk again, which is always awesome. Learned a lot of stuff but the best thing I took from it was not every college strength coahc is a fucking moron. Check out Cal Dietz (xlathlete.com). The guy is a genius.

Sumo Deads- 640x1 EASY.... 730x0<~~~ Right hammy popped right at the origin. It's still stiff almost a week later. Shit.

Friday-Speed Bench

Sunday-DE Lower

215+greens for 10x2<~~~ kept it light, hamstring is still tight/painful.


Tuesday- ME Upper-5-3-11

Tractioning- Lots of capsule work and PNF
Conans Hammer-Best name for an exercise ever... I would call it Thors Hammer but the new Thor looks like a pussy.
Deadliftsx50 reps with 135
Jump Ropex100, then 20 double unders
Plyo Pull ups-green bandx6x3
Plyo Push upsx6x3

Bench- 135x10, 185x5, 225x5, 275x1, 315x1, 365x1, 405x1
Loose Shirt- 2 board- 455x2, 500x2<~~~ I can pretty much get this shirt on by myself
The Tightest Bench Shirt Ever<~~~~ Took 2 college football player, 1 lax player, and 1 pro strongman about 35 minutes to get this thing on.
3 board- 550x1, 575xsmoke show
2 board- 585xsmoke show, 600x0<~~~~ got loose coming into the board and hit too low. Even from a bad position it blasted out of the bottom and my tricpes felt strong as shit. The scary part about it was the weight did not feel heavy in my hands at all.

Wobble bar Bench- 150x5x10

Had to stop there due to this time in my life being flooded with meaningless, mind numbing school work. 2 more weeks and I will have my masters degree. Then I'm gonna, like, own microsoft, right? College has made me dumb(er).


As far as a direct carryover to my lifts, I have no idea. I only find out if something works when I go to a meet and my total goes up. Something I have noticed though, the explosive jumps, pulls, throws, and cleans are getting much easier and smoother. Also, all of my ME work feels like it is moving faster. Wish I could be more help but I have no idea if there is going to be a transfer to the competition lifts. Here is how I have been incorporating the plyos:

DE Lower- After warm-up
Week 1- 60%x12x2
Week 2- 70%x10x2
Week 3- 80%x6x2

DE Upper/ME Upper- After Warm-up
Week 1- Plyo Pull-ups- with heavy band assistancex6x3/plyo push-upsx6x3
Week 2- same
Week 3- lighter band assistance

Change the grips and hand positions on every set

ME Lower- After Warm-up Box Jumps
Week 1- 70%x6x3
Week 2- 80%x6x3
Week 3- 90%x6x3

My training partner and I use percentages on the powercleans and box jumps because we have maxed on/plan to retest both exercises. We both have stupid little goals for both. For example, I want to clean 400lbs at some point in my life and box jump 50inches at 300+
lbs bodyweight. I figure, with the force it will take to move my fatass 50inches off the Earth, some of that explosion will transfer to squats and deads. Also, since your nervous system is one whole unit, not just bodyparts, it will transfer to my bench as well.


Ok. I am done traveling, finally. Just to recap- my diet has sucked. My training has sucked. I am now dealing with some weird nervey hamstring issue that is really pissing me off. Anyway, here is the training from today:

Tuesday- ME Upper- 5/17/11- Working with a new bench form that is damn near impossible to hold on heavy lifts:

Plyo Push/Pull ups- green bandx3 sets, light band x3 sets-6x3

2 board manpon+90lbs of band tension-
225x5, 275x3, 315x1, 365 (91%)x1, 385(97%)x1, 405x0<~~~ got loose, touched too low

97lb bench log strict OH press- x33

4 board plus 90lbs band tension- 225x12, 250x2x10, 275x2x4=40 total reps

Band assisted pull-ups- Averagex3x10

Face Pulls-Bluex3x20

Tricep Tacky Stretch
Quddich Stretch

PWO- 2 cups maltodextrin, 1 cup dextrose, 3 scoops of protein powder and probably about a gallon of gatorade.

Might drag a sled later on.


Hip is still really messed up. ME/DE lower workouts arent even worth posting anymore. So:

Saturday-DE Upper-5-21-11

Speed Bench- Doubled Lights of a 2bd manpon-

Strict Log Press-97lbsx43, 10s rest, 10 more reps

Prowler-180lbs, 60 foot trips, 10 trips in 10mins

Getting an MRI soon and hopefully getting training back on track.