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Hedlesky's Forever Offseason


Ok, thank god I've got some time off from this crap for a while. Plan for now: Do a bunch of stuff I suck at for a little while and then hopefully not suck at it anymore. Stuff I suck at:

-Anything involving shoulders
-Sleeping enough
-Having 9 year old girl soccer player arms
-My conditioning is a single step above John Candy's five minutes before his fatal heart attack
-My upper back keeps being stupid

I will get an actual plan put to paper sometime this week. For now, I am pretty much just working on those above mentioned suck-eries.

Tuesday- 7/29/13- ME Upper
Tractioned forever
Tri Opener Forever
Int/ext rotation for a while

Push Press- 45x5, 95x5, 135x5, 115x3, 155x3, 185x3, 205x1, 225x1, 245x1, 265x1<~~~~ Wasn't too hard. Just stopped here before I killed myself with something heavier
Klokov Press- 95x5x10
Straight Bar Tri Extensions- 100x15, 150x15, 200x20, 150x12, 100x20<~~~~ a pump so epic that it made me feel like I was having a tricep seizure.

Ok... the following sucked really bad:
Sprints- Vibrams- 60 yards for 10 reps. Rest was however long it took to walk back to the starting cone.

Will do some back work, pre-hab, and ab awesome-ness later after I get some work done.


A new log name just wasn't enough? lol.

I'm going to assume you actually did die and somehow got resurrected, hence the new name. Hedlesky the white?


white power fuels his total


I shall assume he did tabata deadlifts with 600 pounds, then woke up a couple months later with ten feet of burger wrappers surrounding the floor, and strangely a nude picture of brandon lilly...

Good to see you are still alive! :wink:




In for the training of hamburgers


Wasn't brandon lilly known to do his gay legged deadlifts (basically pulls the shorts as high as possible to your groin), and also wear short shorts? I've also seen him in a pink shirt sharing a fruity drink with another guy... At the same time.


He still does. Looks like a diaper.


but its raw though none of that bands or chains BULLSHIT


OMG your avi! HAHAHHAH