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Hedlesky's Die... or Get Strong Trying Log


I dont care what anyone says. I got an 810 deadlift. 5 weeks out from the next one so here we go:

Sunday- 3-13-11- DE Lower

Squats- Blue+330x12x2 in 9:20
DLs- 380+minisx12x1 in 6mins or something

Ankle wedgesx2mins each leg
Couch Stretchx2mins each leg

Had a lot more planned but I drank about 60 beers yesterday so I just got the main stuff done. Only 4 hard weeks of training before my first full meet I've done in a very long time. So, I should probably only drink 50 beers next time because I have a lot of work to do.


Monday-3-14-11- RE Day

10mins of foam rolling
5mins of rib mobilizations

Dimel DL's-225x4x25

95lb Snatches
15 BW Squats

Glute/Ham/IT opener-2mins each leg
Heel Chord Unglue-5mins each leg<~~~ probably the most painful thing I hgave ever done
Medial Chain Opener- BB- 2mins each leg
Static Hamstring stretched

Done. More/cooler stuff tomrrow.


810lb DL ?

Damn nice Pull.

(Jealous !)


shit, no more p90x? ah well, you gave those ripped abz a good run.

Saw the video, the judge buttfucked you on that.

I look forward to seeing you blow 830 out of the water.


I agree with Dixies, that was a legit 810. Will be following and learning some things about getting stronger.


I agree with all of you. I got fucked. The more people I talk to about it and the more input I get has made me realize this. Oh well, it happened. I got it but didnt get credit just because some old wiener juge had a hand seizure. I don't give a shit. I do give a shit about the 830 pull I will got for in a couple weeks. Thanks for the input though, it just makes the lift not counting even more ridiculous.


Tuesday-ME Upper-3-15-11... 2 more days until my trip to Westside.

2bd manpon fat bar bench+ 90lbs of band tension-

380x1<~~ got loose in the bottom
400x1<~~~ wasnt pretty but I got it

10inch log strict military press- had to clean it off the ground because my garage is too low for overhead work

4bd fat bar bench+90lbs of band tension-close grip

Bent BB Rows

Stretched and did some light mobility stuff like tricep tack downs on a bar. I have all kinds of nasty stuff built up in there.


Eh, you totally hitched that deadlift...

Just kidding. I don't get it either... Even if, say, the bar moved back down a milimeter or two... The decision just seems idiotic.

So. Can you curl more than my wife by now, or are you still struggling with that?
I hear bigger bis may make the judge like you better or something.


Glad you are posting again STB. I like your blog as well. Just wanted to let you know I did my first powerlifting meet this past weekend. I was happy with how I did and I have you to thank a lot for helping me with my training.

It was a USAPL meet and I lifted raw. I went 6/9 hitting my first two of all attempts

@220: 539 squat (14lb PR), 375 Bench (10 lb paused PR), and 639 dead (4 lb PR, barely missed 655 for the state record).

I know I am capable of much more but I had a great time and am ready to break some records next year.


Awesome man. Those numbers are strong as hell, especially for your first meet. Keep up the good work and keep me posted on your prgress. Damn impressive.


Wednesday-3-16-11-ME Lower<~~~ lifting a day early because I am flying to ohio this weekend

Squat+120lbs of chain
Worked up to 500 Raw then 605 with suit bottoms. Tried 625 and got buried.

Rack Pulls-2inches below the knee+120lbs of chain
worked up to 675 for 6

Front Sqaut Holds-
worked up to 605 for 10 seconds... sucked.

Push Ups
Bent Over DB Rows w/40s

Done. More from later from Ohio.


Sunday- Speed Bench at Westside- 3-20-11

Did tons of mobility whenever I could. Lifting was out of the question for the last two days because of the seminar... which was absolutely ridiculous.

Bench- 175+100lbs of chain- 10x3
BB Extensions- 135x10, 155x10, 185x6, 225x6
DB Bench-50sx36, 40sx45
Face Pullsx5x15

Monday-3-21-11- DE Lower-

Sp Squats-350+bluesx12x2 in 7:27<~~~ 2min PR
Sp Pulls- 405+mini from 1inch deficitx12x1 in 6:32

45 degree band GHRs- Green- sumox20, conv.x20, heels touching toes outx20
Band Side Bends-Blue+Greenx5x15

Feeling awesome.


Tuesday-3-22-11- ME Upper

Chain Bench+120lbs of chain... about 100 at lockout
340x1<~~~ 10lb PR
365x1<~~~ What the hell?

DB Bench- 50'sx70

Seated Pin Fat Bar Shoulder Press (concentric only)-
75x6, 125x6, 145x6, 125x6

Super Set w/

OH Band Tricep Ext.- Greenx5x15

Kroc Rows-
60x10, 110x6, 180x20

Prowler Pulls- 60 feet

Shoulder Traction/Rib Mobilizationsx a lot.

Happy with the bench. Shirtin up next week.


Wed- 3-23-11- RE Shit.

Bench- 115x5x10
OH M.mini Pull apartsx5x10

Upper Body Sled Dragging 90lbsx15mins
Lower Body Sled- Handles in hands- 140lbsx6x100feet

Shoulder Traction-Greenx2mins each arm
Dislocations x a lot from a bunch of different positions.


More shit that's bad for you:



You're a badass. How was the seminar @ West Side


More fucking awesome than I could ever describe. Learned a lot and had every question answered that I had about conjugate training and applying these methods to sports training.


Thursday- ME Lower

Dont feel like typing today.

Raw rev. Band Squat- took 180 off out of the hole. Worked up to an easy 770. 800 came up to far in front of me because I lost some tightness in my upper back so I ditched it.

Friday- Speed Bench

Benched fast. 12 sets of 3 with a fat bar+80lbs of chain+185 bar weight in 5.49.

Gaining weight is awesome. Was 276 this morning and I feel like a million bucks. Excited to get the equipment on next week.