Hedlesky - I Finally Died... Thank Goodness

Well, I haven’t stayed consistent with a training log for a couple of years. I am going to try to do it here. I’ve just been able to start training (bench anyway) consistently again after getting a bunch of metal anchors crammed into my body to repair shoulder labrum last year from an old football injury I ignored for a decade and then a total cartilage replacement (from 16 cadaver donors… yes… I am pretty much a f*cking zombie vampire hybrid now) in my knee a few months ago. So, my main goal for right now is to not need a bunch of new body parts anytime soon.

Monday- 1/1/18

Warm-Up- 10minutes on an airdyne, bunch of sets of TKEs, planks and side planks

RDLs- up to 315x3x12

Superset the following stuff:

1 leg RDLs- 50lbs x3x10
1 leg Reverse Hyper- 90lbs x3x15
Ironmind isometric finger extensor straps- 10lbs x 3 holds to failure

Rowed 1000m with a couple 100m sprints in the middle. Jammed a lax ball into my QLs while in an egoscue position and dug $hit out until I cried.

My QL on my right side was super lit up after this. Probably because I am weak as piss and my muscles forget how to move weights. Whatever. Even baby steps can walk you off a f*cking cliff.

It feels nice to have things to keep track of again

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Tuesday - 1/2/18- DE Upper

Warm-up- 10 minutes of constant TKEs, scap Push Ups, and barbell benches/extesnions

Bench + doubled monster minis + 40% (145lbs) x5x5

JMs- 185 x3x10

Supersetted the following:
Pull-Ups w/ three different grips from a dead hang 3x9
Single Arm light band tri extensions 3x something

Barbell Curls- 45x20, 85x15, 65x15, 45x20
Face Pulls- strong band- 3x20
Plate Pinches- 2x25s- did five around the world pass offs and then held for 10 seconds x 3

Did about 10 minutes of banded ERIso’s.

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Took the rest of the week pretty easy. It was supposed to be a deload anyway but a blizzard hit and I invested my time elsewhere. I still got in tons of planks, hip airplanes, hip lifts, and a bunch of other hip stability work. But, the majority of my time was spent drinking scotch and cooking steaks.

I personally am stoked about this brother! Next time I am on the other side of the bridge to visit Gregg, maybe we can get some training in together

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Really excited to see you back and posting dude.

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I joined a lot later, but lurked for years, kept up with your log and posts (along with a few others), and loved your “Death To Fitness” blog. It’s the main reason I started doing front squat holds and changed my “core” training for the better. Definitely in for the new one.

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Hell yeah man. That’d be a great time. We could show you everything the Eastern shore has to offer. Which is pretty much training, food, and muskrat skinning contests.

That’s great to hear, man. I got tons of positive feedback on that blog. I had to stop doing it because I was putting way too much time and energy into it. It was a great place to start because now I get paid for writing pretty consistently and still use posts from there for my portfolio. I’ve got a new website that I am going to try to keep updated. I just recorded a podcast about progressing core training that I’ll hopefully have up soon.

Thanks again dude. Hopefully, the best is yet to come!

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Monday-1/9/18- My Body is a Fucking Nightmare

Warmed up for 10 minutes on a bike then did 10 straight minutes of continuous:

TKE x 25, side and regular planks for 20s, cool hip lifts with hold x 20, pallofs for 20 seconds

RDLs- worked up to an easy 455x7. Hook grip failed and I dropped the bar. Still can’t pull from the floor but I’m going to really start pushing these pretty hard.

Super set the following:
Single leg reverse Hypers w/ pause kinda- 180lbs for 3x10
Pallofs w strong band x20s

Back extensions w/doubled monster mini-3x15
Strong band GMs- 3x25.

Hamstring curls x 3 sets of a fucking billion

Can’t load my knee in flexion for at least another 18 months. So, RDLs are literally my life now.

Tuesday-1/9/18 -DE bench

Last week in this wave

Warm up: single arm db bench- 30s x4x25, one arm band row with contralateral protraction- x4x25

Bench- 175 + doubled monster minis x 9 x 3, 225x1, 245x1
Incline JMs- 185x3x6. I love these.

Db roll back extensions- slow eccentric- went to concentric failure then did three more eccentric reps, rolled the dbs to my chest, and pressed back to the start. 3 sets of whatever with the 50s

Pull ups from a dead hang-5x6

Monster mini band tri extension, eagle grip (isometric finger extension exercise), captains of crish stuff: Three sets of each. Worked up to a top weight of 15 pounds for about 20s on the isometrics. Trip extensions were all to failure. Thanks captains of crush stuff looked like this:

Closed the one for 5 reps
Closed and eccentric emphasis (as slow as incouldove pretty much) with the number 2 for 3 reps on each hand
Closed the five for 10 reps.

Stretched. Came home and ate a kilogram of top sirloin. Not a bad day.

Took all of last week off. I have been trying to hit the gas pretty hard and just started feeling smashed.

Saturday- 1/20/18- ME Bench

Bunch of movements x 10minutes

Duffalo bar bench- Comp Grip - Worked up to 355ish. I have no idea what the bar weighs
JMs- 135 x 4 x concentric failure. Once I hit failure, I switched to 2 movement eccentrics and did three more reps.
Pendlay Rows- First time doing anything from the floor in forever. 225x4x10 strict reps.
Superset with bodyweight tri extensions

Did 4 sets of lateral raises and rear delts. No idea what reps were and I forget what weight I used.

Stretched for a while. I actually felt a little strong today. It has been a while.

Monday 1/22/18 - Whatever the fuck I can do with my broken legs

10 minutes straight of TKEs, cook hip lifts, pallofs, and planks

RDLs- up to 455 x 16
Single Leg Reverse Hyper- 180 x4x15

Back Ext. / Pallof Press - 4x15/4x20s

Hamstring curls - light band x 4 sets of something. each set was around 50 reps

COC- #1x3 closes, #2 x 2 closes, #2.5 did 2 closes on each hand. Big PR from the last time I used these. Dropped down and did 5 more closes on and 2 and some close and holds with #1

More TKEs and some lighter stretching

Felt good to move that 455. My hamstrings were smoked at the end. I still feel huge difference in both the size and the strength of my left leg versus my right. Baby steps.

I’m only “in” if you post occasional picture of your dogs …:sweat_smile:

Tuesday- 1/23/18 - My birthday. Went to Ruths Chris and ate a 40 ounce porterhouse for 2.

Wednesday- 1/24/18 - DE Bench

30 percent bar weight + minis x12x3.

Bunch of dumb shit.

Thursday and Friday- More dumb knee rehab shit.

Saturday - 1/27/18 - ME Bench

Fat Bar + green monster mini bands - worked up to 335 in about 7 working sets

Fat Bar + Greens off a two board - 4 sets with 225. I have no idea how many reps

Super Set JMs with 135 and Pull-ups - 4 sets to failure on all

Tons of extensions, raises, and rotator cuff stuff.

Monday - 1/29/18
10 minutes of cook hip lifts, tkes, and planks

RDLs- 500x10
Reverse Hyper- 360 x 4 x 15
Planks to side planks w/abduction - 4x20s each

Back Extensions- +20lbsx4x something
Hamstring Curls- light band- x4x something

Stretched a little. I actually felt moderately strong today. It blow my fucking mind how much pulling power I have been able to maintain while being crippled.

Hey man, hadn’t seen anything from you since that disaster of a hot dog eating challenge. Since you still appear to be doing conjugate, are you looking to compete again, or are you just trying to stay strong and not die. Also curious what your weight is like now. I’ll be following.

Tuesday- DE Bench -1/30/18

Bench- 130+minis x 16 x 3 don in cluster sets of 4 with 4 different grips
Incline DB Bench- 70sx35, 13, 10 <~~~ died.
Steep Incline Rollbacks- started at the 20s and moved up 5lbs at 10 reps until I failed with about 45s between sets. I think I stopped at the 45s

Strong band:
Facepulls, Bent over close grip lat pulls, tri extension - 5x20, 10 reps on extensions. No rest. This sucked.

Definitely plan on competing again. Many times. I am no where near done. How people just stop trying to be as strong as possible is beyond me. This is about the 10 billionth set back I’ve had. I always come back stronger. This is just something else to deal with.

I have pretty much been hemorrhaging bodyweight the last 2 years because of surgeries and not being able to train. I am sitting right around 240-243 most days. Which is awesome. I can balloon up 20lbs when a meet is coming up and still be in 264.

The deadlift world record is right where it was when my body started failing me. I will get that. At some point. haha.