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Heb-Joel-Fish Oil

I just read your threads regarding taking the fish oil in a one lump sum at night time before bed so the omega 3’s can be used for repair instead of energy. I will give that a try tonight.

Ok on with my confusion. John.B says to take 6-10grams of omega 3’s a day. The fish oil pills that I have are 1000mg of FISH OIL apiece. Each pill has 150mg EPA & 100mg DHA. Now John didn’t mean 6-10grams of FISH OIL which would be 6-10 fish oil caps a day did he?, but 6-10grams of combined EPA & DHA which would be 24-40 fish oil caps. He meant the latter right?

Also would taking in 5grams =20caps a day be sufficient enough?

All constructive criticism welcome.

6-10 grams of EPA/DHA, your omega3’s in your diet should be a’lot higher than just 6-10 grams.

even if you aren’t getting 6-10grams a day it still is an improvement on what you have been taking so it can’t do anything but help. I can’t remember the number off hand but it sounds like your capsules might be a little weak in the epa/dha department (but i might be wrong).

He means 6-10g of combined EPA/DHA…in other words, 20+ capsules in your case.

I normally shoot for 6g per day minimum.

Alternatives to capsules:

-Eat more fish (salmon and sardines rule!)

-Get it from a liquid source (fish oil)

-Include some flax in the daily total as it is high in Omega 3’s as well

20+ capsules is not the easy way to go. Make it easy on yourself.

I just started swallowing these capsuls…they’re so damn big! haha, if I take a bunch before bedtime I’m possitive I won’t be able to go to sleep because of the nauseating feeling in my stomach and throat and will have to throw up in the middle of the night. I’m taking around 6-8 pills a day now and am going to increase gradually.

Welcome to the world of freakish fish oil cap consumption.