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Heavyweight Boxing

I haven’t paid any attention to heavyweight boxing in over 15 years. I no longer found it interesting. It seemed like the best American athletes were all in the NFL and HW boxing was being dominated by big mofo Russians with battering ram jabs. Nothing exciting to watch other than occasional glimpses of Hayden Panettiere in the crowd.

Today while surfing Youtube, on a whim, I dove into the division and…


What a lot of exciting stuff. It’s like the early 70s have been reincarnated. We have Tyson Fury playing the role of White Mohammed Ali, Deontay “I can’t believe I haven’t killed a referee with one of my wild haymakers yet” Wilder playing the role of George Foreman and Eric "Taco Truck’ Ruiz as the new Smokin Joe Frazier.

Despite their parallels I think the three will prove to have a different dynamic than that of their 70’s counterparts. If Fury takes on Ruiz, while still in his prime and not drunk, he will make quick work of Ruiz. Ruiz, on the other hand, will likely do quite well against Wilder and we all know Frazier didn’t fair very well against Foreman.

We could arguably slip Anthony Joshua into this discussion as this day and age Ken Norton though I suspect both Wilder & Fury will end Joshua’s career if they ever meet.

I hope nothing screws this up because it will be really nice to a revival of the golden era in heavyweight boxing.

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