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Heavythrower's Volume Experiment


Starting a new log...

my recent mri showed discs in my cervical thoracic and lumbar spine pressing against my spinal cord.

worst is in my neck, weakness and numbness and constant pain in my right arm.

need surgery, but for a variety of reasons, which i will not get into depth here, i want to delay/put off surgery as long as possible.

I cannot train heavy now, and certain lifts are too dangerous due to the dynamic nature of them, ie my beloved olympic lifts and their variations, so my goal right now is to try to train with extremely high volume with moderate to moderate-heavy loads, with "safe" movements.

I will train every day, revolving around a 4 day repeating micro-cycle.

each day focuses on a particular movement pattern, end result, I am training a particular movement pattern/group of muscles once every five days.

the goal after extensive warmups is 3-7 sets, of 4-6 reps(remember I am at a very advanced training age, 6 reps is high volume for me)

the exception to the above is upper body pulling, where the volume will be 3-5 sets 6-10 reps

I want 15-25 total sets each day.

I will ramp up and down, that is, my 3-7 "work" sets will be of varied loads, ramping up and down at times.

as far as posting, i will not bore everybody to tears with the warmups, or the lower end work sets, I will post only my loads and reps with the top set of each exercise.

day 1- lower body
day 2- upper body vertical pressing
day 3- upper body pulling
day 4- upper body horizontal pressing
day 5- start cycle over with lower body and so-on

this is my last cycle which i JUST finished. minutes ago actually.

trap bar deadlifts, 225kgx6 reps
front squats- 140kgx4 reps
back squats- 200kg x 6 reps (used belt and knee wraps)
snatch grip deadlifts from a deficit 140kgx 6 reps

military press 60kgx6 reps
push press 80kgx6 reps
seated dumbbell press 70lbs x 6 reps
wide grip bnpp 60kgx6 reps

lat pulldowns
hammer strength seated iso pulldown machine
chest supported rows
dumbbell rows
barbell curls
seated db curls

bench press 60kg plus 225lbs chain
cgbp 45kg plus 225lbs chain x 6 reps
floor db press 70lbs x 6 reps
push ups with 4 chains on back 6 reps

edit: unless specifially noted, (like Wednesday's top set of back squats where i noted belt and knee wraps) ALL sets and reps 100% RAW, no belt, no wraps, straps, or even elbow or knee sleeves.


A 200 kg squat is light for you?? Wow, I'm jealous.

Anyway, given my scoliosis, I'm very interested in how people deal with back problems. Sounds like you're doing great, all things considered.


Those "light" weights are not insignificant.

Careful now, someone might accuse you of "training like a bodybuilder" :wink:

Glad to see life can't keep a good man down-- keep it up!


Doing my own variation. I wish you nothing but success with your recovery plan. The lifting is easy, the not lossing focus on the goal is not so easy. You will need to fight the urge to lift more. I'm thinking that will not be so easy for a passionate olympic lifter like yourself! Give it hell!


Whats up Heavy, sorry to hear about the MRI results. You going to do what I am, just let natural fusion occur?


yes, i believe a 200kg back squat with the aid of belt and briefs is pathetically weak.

bout to go on a serious rant here, so stop reading if you are not in the mood, fair warning, lol:

perspective and experience is a bitch.

one of the biggest losers and utter trolling douchbags on this site is also one of the most admired and nut-hugged guys around here.

professor x.

here is a guy, who claims to be a bodybuilder, hands out advice to tons and tons of newbs and vets of this site, and is actually revered and listened too, but has accomplished ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN THE WORLD OF COMPETITIVE BBING.

he is a big jacked black dude with huge front delts, pecs, traps and biceps. BFD. I grew up and lived in the southeast for 33 years, his type are a dime a dozen there.

every commercial gym i trained at in Montgomery, Birmingham, Atlanta, Memphis, Panama city, Jacksonville, had 2-3 guys comparable to X as far as size and physigue and strength.

when has he ever tgrained at a hard core bb gym along side REAL competitive top level BBers?

he is a above average fish is a small pond, and gets way more credit than he deserves for it.

I call myself a thrower, OLer, and PLer. I have actually COMPETED in all three sports, I have actually TRAINED in gyms and on fields where there were other top level competitors who dedicated all of their time an energy to being the best at their sport.

I have been on the platform and field with nations, world, and even olympic level athletes, competing.

this has given me a huge case of humble pie. I realize, that at my best and strongest and most athletic, among others who specifically trained for their sport of choice seriously, that I was barely average.

X compares himself to the average gym mutton/joe blow and because he is a big dude, he seems like a god to them, and it has went to his head.

put him in a gym with Warren Branch, Cutler, Coleman, Ruhl, and he would see how pathetically average he really is (for a person who claims to be a BODYBUILDER)

Point of the rant? there are 13 year old eastern block and Chinese boys, and women, who can back squat more than me weighing 50-70lbs less.

At my best I qualified (though bombed out of) a national OL competition, totaled master in PL at 181, and just 12 kg from totally master at 198, and totaling class I in 5 weight classes.
I was an average college level shot -put athlete, only consistently throwing in the low 50's

I was a slightly above average HG athlete, making it to the super A division of the very competitive SSAA organization(once I made it to the A division, I got my ass kicked regularly.lol)

point, again? think you are a bad-ass, get out there and compete among the best of yhour peers in your sport of choice, and see what kind of perspective that gives you.

whew...rant over.


thanks steel, from a guy who has made the progress you have(you are a big fucker) it means a lot.


thanks again...I do not think that lifing more is an option, my motor strength is getting progressively weaker on my right side, as far as upper body pulling is concerned.

I CANT lift more. period.

example, today, did upper body back and biceps, dumbell rows with left: 150x11, right: 70 lbs x 10

db curls, left, 60lb x 5, right , 20lbs x 7, could not even get a complete full rom rep in with the 30lb db with my right arm.


good question. dont know yet. frankly, as long as I can funtion and work/earn a living, I am not in a position to have the surgery. I cannot afford a 3-6 month recovery process.

but if things continually get worse, or if my neuro-motor deficits become bilateral, i will have to opt for the cervical fusion surgery.


With the ramping involved thats a lot of volume. Looking forward to seeing how it treats you.


Dude I have impingement of c6-c7 causing a strength discrepancy as well. I actually found the weighted traction pulls of the neck to be the best for me.

Are you getting Atrophy on your weaker arm?
Can you get your neck adjusted?
Do you get very sore in the Sub-scapularis/lat tie-in? Trap knots?

I feel your pain man. Alot. Just keep plugging away and keep stretching your neck.


I couldn't agree more, Mike. Glad to see you are training brother! Also glad you can train at all with your F'ed up back!


no atrophy on the arm yet, but trap and upper back on that side I am starting to notice some issues.

neurosurgeon says HELL NO to adjustments, he says just minor trauma to my neck could and probably would cause cord syndrome. I am supposed to wear a hard collar when driving, riding my bike, etc.

trap knots, YES. also, pretty much constant numbness and tingling (pins and needles sensation) to my right hand and biceps, and constant "burning" sensation to my right rear delt and triceps.

thanks for the concern, i have a cervical traction device, need to be more consistent with using it though.


the two discs which are pressing on my ventral cord are c5-c6 anmd c6-c7 as well for me. not surprising we are having similar symptoms.


My traction device is used every other day.

On the atrophy side my right arm @ some point was smaller by 2 inches than the left. Now just a 1/8 difference. forearms are still off though.

My right elbow flares out on some rowing moveemnts.

The burning sensation is new nerves starting to take the load of the dead nerves-give it time and keep training you will get back most of your strength. Oh and really work on mobility issues with you shoulder/neck area.<------------------ Cannot emphasise this enough. Really helped me.

Oh and sleeping I was told to start sleeping with my affected side lliteraly tied down to my side so when on my belly my right arm won't get impinged as much throughout the night.


shit fischer, i we should talk more. looks like i need to get hire you to train me, as you know what I am going through, lol, well actually, I am serious.

what are some suggestions for neck mobility/shoulder mobility?

the affected side tied down while sleeping is a fucking great idea...I am sleeping no more than 1-2 hours at a time now because I wake up with my right arm numb and burning, because I have slept on my belly with my arm up and my shulder is impinged as hell.

PM me.


Never an easy decision even if you have short term disability the time off work with what you do is not 100% pay, more like 70% pay.


I did the math, more like 50% pay DJHT... :frowning:


Thats fucked up, here we are taking care of people for a living and if we get fucked up nobody gives a shit. Hospitals are the fucking worst sometimes.


Stop all explosive movements for now. (oly lifts etc) and supra-heavy movements. This is called re-hab with weights.

All exercises done with a slow tempo (sidenote: the weight disparity will not seem as much this way as well). Pupose is to get blood in the area with a thorough range of motion.

Instead of securing your arm I now sleep in a hammock --on my back-- no more Fucking shoulder issues within 2 weeks.

Shoulder rolls ( like a newbie with shrugs)
shoulder dislocates their will bw a point in your range-of-motion that you actually can tell where the impingement takes place by the numbness/tingling you will feel. Have someone then massage that area while it is impeded.
Head and neck rolls every way possible. Standing laying down-get your neck loose. couple of times a day.

Alot of heat and massage in the area with ibprofen as needed.

Hope this helps

Get massaged alot in the area of impingment