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Heavythrower Update

been three years away from boards. most difficult three years of my life. in a nutshell, had 8 major surgeries in 3 years, became addicted to prescription pain medications, got into big trouble, nearly died, and now on the road to recovery(12 months clean) but still paying huge personal, legal, professional, and financial consequences.

through all this, training has been my bedrock of keeping my sanity. i am now about 260lbs, still training hard but not heavy, as i am still recovering from yet even more injuries, most notable a tore Lat from dead-lifting and tore triceps from machine dips, and a complete shoulder separation from a bicycle crash.

anyhow, still training hard, and “heavy” for me, nice to see this forum still alive and going, offering good information and feedback.

recent pic 260lbs

tore triceps mid December

tore lat early January


Damn, I am sorry to read about that. I am happy to notice you are still upright and presumably not a ward of the state. As soon as I read this line [quote=“heavythrower, post:1, topic:214251”]
had 8 major surgeries in 3 years
I got worried that I would read this

12 months clean is a real, true fucking accomplishment. If I remember correctly, which is doubtful thanks to my steel trap of a mind(in terms of cruelty, anachronistic, and prone to rusting that is) you were an R.N. in an emergency department. I know the above issues seem to get a whole bunch of seasoned nurses and docs in the high stress and should know better areas of the game. So you are likely in good company. If you have the strength to pull yourself back from it and still have a full heart you ARE the good company.

I was wondering what you were up to not too long ago. I thought about writing “Klitschko sucks” three times in the combat forum to see if that conjured you.

I just noticed your log as the first post when I swung in to check bagofbros log, but I look forward to seeing your posts. For what it is worth some of the docs and nurses I have the most professional and personal respect for have made it out of similar nightmares.


Robert A

welcome back - still built like a concrete bunker.

Glad to see you are moving forward and rising above.
I can relate to much of that will be following as
reading your training is always inspiring

Im sorry to hear about all the issues, but am happy that you continue to power through

Wow. I’m so sorry to hear of all you’ve been through. Hang in there. I’m glad to hear you’re still lifting.

Keep on working. Best of luck to your recovery and training.

Good to see you HT.

(formerly ecogenx)

thanks for the kind words everybody’

as for my training today, it was back / deadlift day. as you see from the pics above i tore a lat muscle pulling 590 plus 200lbs of chain a little over a month ago. since that injury, i have decided to cap my loads on certain movements, as i am constantly hurting myself whenever i try to go heavier. i never go over 405 in the squat, and never over 585 on the deadlift.

training today was as is follows, one giant set of deadlifts, rest between weight changes only as long as it took me to load and unload plates:

after that it was a timed set of dumbbell rows, as many reps as possible in 5 minutes with 125lbs. i managed 44 reps today

lat pull downs(at 260lbs and with a recent tore lat, chins are out for me now) a rest pause set with the entire stack 7-4-2

45 degree back extensions , 3x25 x 45lb

then i followed with some cable flys supersetted with face pulls just to get blood into my shoulders and clavicle region.

This made my day. Welcome back HT!

Good to see you back HT!