HeavyThrower Making You Leaner and Bigger

Here is what I need you to post :

  1. Weight

  2. Height

  3. Full set of pictures. Fron relaxed, back relaxed (THESE TWO ARE NOT AN OPTION) and all other poses if you can

  4. Main goal (should be getting big and lean but you can put #s on it… tell me if you mind fat gains or not etc)

  5. Resume what you’ve been doing training wise in the past

  6. Days that you can train

  7. Time at which you train

  8. What your diet actually consist of. If you got the macros or cals that great if not, np

  9. What you like to eat

  10. What you really dont want to eat

  11. What kind of diet you like : 1) One where I give you food choices and tell you macros for each meal or 2) exact diet

  12. What you are currently taking as far as supps are concerned

  13. Budget for supps

  14. Outline what your schedule looks like, the more precise you are the better

  15. Any other info you’d like to add

This is awesome. Gonna follow this for sure


HT is gonna be one scary motherfucker when he is shredded.


This will be great. Big thick dude who realizes that while he may (will) weigh less than he may expect when he’s done, he will certainly feel that he looks a hell of a lot better. I’ll be following no doubt.


HELL YES…hat’s off to ya ZRAW.This is gonna be good!

ZRAW for president?

This is going to be incredible.


??? WHAT JUST HAPPENED, I WOKE UP from my night shift sleep, and saw this>


ok, give me till monday to get all this together for you, i am currently working a 5/6 day stretch of 12 hour night shifts.


Zraw you spelled Coyotegal wrong in the title!!
lol just teasing
Good luck HeavyThrower :slight_smile:

Sry this thread is for HeavyTrower not heavythrower… as you can see in the thread title :confused:


This is gonna be fuckin’ sweet!

The following is going to be seen as inflammatory to some, but I don’t mean it in that way, but rather in a “in the name of science” sorta way.

Heavy, would you be willing to get hydrostatically tested as a before and after? I think it’d be awesome to have some raw data as far as what the transformation from “full house” to “pretty damn lean” involves.

Bahahah :stuck_out_tongue:

See, now this is a guy who makes some seriously positive contributions to this board.

Good stuff J - looking forward to seeing these results! : )

[quote]RATTLEHEAD wrote:
HT is gonna be one scary motherfucker when he is shredded.

CAN NOT WAIT![/quote]

x2 HT is one of the cooler dudes on these forums.

HT,we got your back!

thread of the year

[quote]illadelphia91 wrote:
ZRAW for president?[/quote]


[quote]browndisaster wrote:
thread of the year[/quote]

Yes sir.