HeavyStackT'S Training

[quote]HeavyStackT wrote:
next month will be 5x5"s[/quote]

EXCELLENT choice! I think you’ll see some good strength/size gains using that approach. Look forward to seeing how that goes for you.


Hey bud, just checkin in on your log. Don’t worry about people being critical here. Everyone is critical here and I received just as much flack as you have if not more. So just take it in stride and realize they just try to get rid of the people that aren’t serious. Keep up the good work and definitely get off split routines.

thanks man…
Today i did
db incline 70 lbs. each
3 set of 5 reps
db flat bench 55 lbs. each
3 sets of 10 reps
db flies 30 lbs. each
3 sets of 20 reps

bb rows 145 lbs. 5 x 3
lat pull down 120 10 x 3
seated rows 110 20 x 3

leg press 500 lbs.
db squats 100 lbs.
stiff legged dead lift 100 lbs.

What routine are you actually on? Doesn’t really seem like anything I’ve heard of before…

um i found it in a endothil cr workouts.
its a product thats a green tomatoe extract.
im incorporating some things a little different.

bb military press 95 lbs.
cable machine front raise 80 lbs.
bent over lateral raise 40 lbs. each

EZ bar curls 110 lbs.
incline bench curls 25 lbs. each
single cable arm curls 110 lbs.

close grip bench press 155 lbs.
scullcrushers 80 lbs.
one hand overhead tricep ext 25 lbs.

low back
Dead lifts 185 lbs.

Yah I know the product, I work at a GNC. I just was questioning the actual training method. I’d say switch it up personally and get on one of the routines you can find on here. Westside Barbell for Skinny Bastards is what I’m on now and it’s been great.

I’ll try HSS-100 next and than rotate back to 5x5. Keep up the hard trainin bud. Oh and I finally got my weight up whoop. I weighed in at 191 today.

you need more compound exercises…if you’ve been lifting for awhile, you’re not gonna get bigger by doing a bunch of isolation exercises. if i were you i would do more rowing exercises, some hang cleans, squats, etc.

next week im gonna do compound movements.
and 5x5 i will let you guys know how its goes.

You look kinda Russian. Are you Russian?

im born in america my parents are polish

my new program art of it
power cleans
push press
and others

ok today i learned proper tecniques for all the power lifting exercises.
power clean. hang clean. jerk. pull. snatch. push press. so i was only doing about 85 lbs.

Those are olympic technique not power lifting. Power lifting are the three main: Deadlift, Squat, Bench. Just figured I’d let you know. Are you trying to bulk up right now?

i want power strenght and bulk.
sorry about the mix up the olympic movements.
i had some one show me how to do them properly and had him coreect me so it was good. dont worry my friend im trying to reach my 200 lbs. goal

Well keep it up. I’m about to hit 200 in the next couple weeks. Weighed in yesterday at 192 with only 30g of carbs in me. So if I carb back up chances are I’ll hit 197 or so.

yes today i did 5 by 5s with big muscle groups
chest 250 lbs. 5x5
back lat pull 150 lbs. 5x5
squat 530 lbs. 5x5
deadlift 205 lbs. 5x5

ok gonna do olympic moves like i did on monday. will let you know results when i get back