I just realized how big of a sally I am. Took me a week to make my atlas stone, approx 200lbs. I can barely pick the sucker up. It’s so much heavier than I thought it would be. I don’t know how those guys pick up the big ones! I’ll try and throw some pics up later.


How slick is the stone? There’s a lot of factors to consider besides just weight, though 200 isn’t very big no matter how you slice it :slight_smile: I just got a 240 that’s giving me problems too, but I don’t use tacky and it’s slick as an oil spill. I’ll get it to the chest soon.


Grip is not a prob. Half the stone is fairly smooth, the other half is pretty rough. I can get it up to my chest, not the shoulder though. I think I was able to carry it about 20 paces or so. I’ll keep working it