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Heavy Whey Protein Intake


2 questions: 1. If I'm Lactose Intolerant is Whey Protein going to kill my stomach?

2.I plan to consume 30g of Whey Protein 6 times a day on top of all my other food. I will be doing this every day for months. Is this REALLY going to kill my stomach. Will it lead to an digestive intolerance over time??? (the number of things I've made myself seemingly intolerant too is just ridiculous but includes staples like peanuts/peanut butter, and oats too)


No one can answer this question for you, try a whey shake and see how your stomach feels.

I certainly wouldn't suggest suddenly adding 6 shakes to your diet off the blocks. Why would you jump into it like that.

I have 4/5 shakes a day and I think that's almost overdoing it. 6 seems excessive, but each to their own.

Anyway, try adding in a shake post workout, and if you have no stomach issues add another before each training session and progress like that. If you do have stomach issues with whey, then try a different form of protein powder if you really want to use protein shakes (egg protein etc)

good luck


take a lactase supp


Try whey isolate or hydroslate

Don't eat the same thing every meal of every day, why do you want to do it six times a day?


ON includes lactase in their whey powder. Another point though is that lactose is a sugar, not a protein. If you take your whey with water there shouldn't be any lactose in the whey. (assuming there are 0 carbs/serving).


I thought this'd be obvious if whey was an issue...

look into humapro


This is a suggestion, my friend cant do whey shakes without being sick so he just drinks egg whites from the carton, it sounds gross but it just tastes like water with salt, if you drink 1 cup 6x a day instead of the whey it might be a lot easier for you

all my friends drink egg whites now theyre actually more convienient then way because you dont have to mix it and its a whole food source aswell

There is a brand of protein i wont name but the Max OT poster boys use it wink wink which is lactose free^^


carton eggs sounds horrible... and now I have to try it. Damn you. Those things are pasteurized right?


i dont know i just look at the protein in those lol. and carton egg whites, yeah theyre not gross at all! Remember i think most vegetables are gross and this is fine, i was terrified to try it thought itd be slimy and disgusting but the consistency is like water haha


x2 on the egg whites...they're pasteurized so not slimy at all. 1.99 for 50 grams excellent quality protein, no fat no carbs


Learn to cook so youre not eating the same thing every single day thus developing an allergy.


Every few months change the type of protein powders around. I also start to feel sick from whey after consuming it daily for months straight, so every year I switch to a rice based protein powder for 6-8 weeks. When I come back to whey I feel fine once again.