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Heavy Weights During Calorie Deficit?


I am the king of stupid questions so here goes another one. When in a deficit and lifting weights for fat loss, I’m on the V diet by the way, one do I need to be lifting heavy? I don’t have much energy for lifting so can I lighten it up? And when lifting in a deficit, obviously not going to increase size or strength, does it matter if my bench press in with dumbbells or barbell? The whole point is to stimulate muscle so not to lose it during deficit right, so my guess is it shouldn’t matter.


the goal every time you get in the gym is to be stronger than you were last time. Let your diet dictate your body composition. Lifting weights is always about getting stronger.


So even in a deficit it is still possible to gain strength?


yeah, but whether or not you actually gain strength isn’t the important thing.

The important thing is you try.


Gotcha. Keep it business as usual. Is it OK to drop the weight some? This diet is leaving me drained of energy.


During diet you might wanna drop the volume a bit

Btw,what are some of your gym prs?


I have no idea what my PRs are. I’ve just started working out and haven’t even figured out what lift program to do. Right now I’m doing bench presses, barbell rows, light squats because of knee surgery, overhead presses, and deadlifts. I have added curls once a week and am starting to incorporate some ab stuff. Fat loss is my main goal.


That’s what I expected to hear

Man,you are a newb.You could follow a shit program,not eat enough,skip a workout here and there and you’d still get stronger
Don’t do those things though,cause you won’t make such good progress that easy

Bottom line is do not worry.Train,eat in a small deficit,sleep enough and you’ll see great strength gains


Dont go into a deficit or do something extreme like the velocity diet then.

As a newb just training hard on a proven program(dan john/ waterbury full bodyetc) and cleaning up diet you will see continual progress for quite some time.

What is wrong with the advice you have already been given in the other threads you’ve started??

Have you fixed your knee?


Nothing wrong with the other advice at all. It was recommended that I get lean before I start trying to pile on muscle. With 40 pounds of fat to shed it was recommended that I try the velocity diet.

The knee is getting better. Back squats are almost impossible but I can do squats with a dumbbell under my chin. Goblet squat I think?


When I did the vdiet, everything was explained to me.

Go to the vdiet forum.