Heavy Weekend Training, Lighter Weekdays?

I’m always interested to see how people in long hour or physical jobs structure their training. I really enjoyed Jim’s article on this subject, I think it was on T Nation.

I’m in a physical job that has long hours, and a long commute. I have experimented with heavy training around my workdays, and it can be done, but the training is of much lower quality than I’d be willing to settle for. Lower body work is particularly affected as I have to walk long distances over poor terrain, and the legs are often empty by the end of the day. It’s made me worry about injuries attempting heavy loads. I’ve also attempted training before work, getting up at 4am, and that has been better, but it creates issues for my family. And, it messes up my eating! I’ll have breakfast around 4am, then dinner around 9pm, and its hard enough to make the food in between stretch out without feeling starved most the day!

Anyway, to get to the point. I have experimented also with doing my heavy sessions at the weekend, similar to how Jim advises in that previous article. It would be bench on Saturday, lower body on Sunday. I keep bench there every Saturday because I compete bench only, and I alternate the squat and deadlift week by week. It works like this - week one squat 531, deadlifts BBB or simplest strength or similar, week two deadlift 531, squat SST/ BBB etc. I was thinking then of having a third day of lifting, which will challenge me, but not be a maximal effort day, on Tuesdays, and perhaps a sprint session on Thursday. The sprints can be self regulated depending on recovery etc. I’ll have alternate conditioning workout that can be swapped in if I’m not feeling up to the sprints.

Does this sound like a viable plan for a busy person? Will the gap between lifting on Tuesday and Saturday be a good or bad thing? Extra recovery, but slipping out of the groove? What do you guys do to ensure you keep making progress with work and life obstacles? As I said, I compete bench only, so I do have performance goals that I’d like to hit. I want to always give my all to each training session as each one is a building block towards what I want to achieve.