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Heavy Unracks?


Just a question.

Has anyone ever done heavy unracks to get your mind used to the weight? I know it sounds silly (just unrack the weight hold it for a bit and then put it back on and repeat) but i have read a few articles that say it is an advantage. Obvisouly you dont want to lift a weight out and think " fuck this is heavy" youll never get it.

Just wondering if anyone else has done this or is thinking of trying it?


I'd rather do some high(er) box squats to get used to heavier loads personally.


i've never done heavy unracks for squat but when I was a beginner, for bench, i used to add 50 lbs to the weight i was attempting to lift for a 1rm and unrack it and hold it at lock out for like 3-5 seconds. don't know the science behind it but it worked. idk, the stupid things you do when your are beginner, lol.


If you think it works then do it. I think you would be better of doing rack lockouts.


that is pretty much what i was thinking of doing. Just to get used to what the weight feels like but you are right does sound really stupid and will look really stupid haha. I honestly cannot remember where i read it but the article said that the unracks help with just knowing how the weight will feel. Guess you can only try and keep what works and what doesnt.


I've done them before PR attempts and they work pretty well.

A lot of 60's and 70's lifters used to do heavy walk outs for squat the last two weeks before their competition just to get their body used to the weight they'd be attempting at the meet. Just walk out, hold it for a five count, then walk back in. Simple.

Pavel had an article about them in his "Beyond Bodybuilding" book.


Alright sweet thanks for the share. Im thinking of just doing them on a certain day and then do some conditioning work afterwards. That is exactly what i was planning to do. Except bench just unrack, hold, rack and deadlifts just do the same.

will read.



sometimes when i go for a PR i first load the bar up with MORE than i'm going to attempt and hold that for a bit. then when i load up whatever for my PR it feels lighter. um light. i tell myself.


Yes I recently re introduced them to my training. I used to do them (in the 80's) for meet training.
I've changed my method slightly: old method, 1st set do last work set +15kg walk out and just dip (not even a quarter squat) for 3 reps. 2nd set same but add another 10 kg. each week add 5kg to each set.

New method (I now train 5/3/1 style) 1st set add 10% of Tmax, second set add a further 10%, deload weeks don't do it. To my mind this waves the walk outs nicely, and gets to 115% of Tmax on the 3rd week.


Do some reverse band with the bands deloaded at the top. Works like a charm.


I do both heavy walkouts and reverse bands for squat. I do believe this trains the CNS to handle the heavier weight. At meets, I finish my warmup with a walkout that is more than my opener.


I have done this for every max attempt from 455-535 it certainly helps me.


Heavy unracks will help.

Reverse band squats will help.

Also, banded box squats will help. The first time you do squats with strong or heavy bands on your usual working weight you will notice a significant difference when you unrack.


OP, this is not silly. It tricks your nervous system into the "holy shit" mode and you get a better muscle recruitment when you go for lighter weight. I've done it for squats after healing from an injury to see what I could hold on my back without crumpling. As other's have said, this is the thinking behind rack lockouts on DL too.


I have included 'Overloaded Walkouts' in every meet prep I have ever done.