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Heavy Then Cruise!


Ok I'm currently running 750mg aweek of Test with 375mg of Deca. My cycle will be up at the end of this month, it will end up being a 16week cycle. So here is my question if I plan to cruise till March of 08 and then hit up another heavy cycle how should I administrate anti- estrogens Clomid,Nolvadex,Armidex and HCG which I have a great supply of all. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


I'm just curious to know this little tidbit though slightly off tangent to your question. You're actually on cycle but haven't had your anti-Es planned out?


I would go w/ clomid and wait 14 days after your last test inject and then administor pyramid.




Check the Test Tapering Thread. No need for traditional PCT if you taper.


If you are cruising you're not really going off. You don't need to do pct, probably just add in 1/4-1/2 arimidex eod as you go down in dose to prevent high e levels from overwhealming lowing t levels and do the hcg if you are trying to prevent your balls from entirely shrinking.