Heavy Strength Sessions and Insomnia

Hello everybody,

Ok, so, I find myself enduring severe insomnia when doing heavy lifting. This happens when I train 5x5 or 10x3, with “heavy” weights (at least at my level). I searched and found a guy here with the same issues but no real solutions. By severe, I mean I cannot sleep at all.

I have to stay away from GABA-action supps or medications. That means no Z12, no phenibut, no benzos. They all work but I have a history with benzodiazepines and I don’t want to endure the withdrawal again. Tried ZMA but this did nothing.

When I am into BB programs with x8 reps, lighter weights, for instance, I don’t have the same problems. (I tend to switch every 12 weeks between a strength phase and a BB phase)

I train the morning (8/9 AM) or at lunchtime. Coffee at breakfast and sometimes after lunch (2 PM), eat quite a lot but my periworkout nutrition sucks, and not taking stims whatsoever.

I suspect a cortisol elevation thing because it does not feel like an anxiety insomnia, my skin is itchy, etc…

My fear is mainly that this insomnia hinders my gains.

Anyone else having the same issues ? Some solution ?

Thanks !

Same problem when I train to failure or beyond. I feel wired.

Increase your daily calorie intake
Spread your meals throughout the day

Things that have helped me:

-Calories. Carbs at night right before bed. Another strategy is if you sleep poor one night, take a (large) cheat meal the next day. These have both worked for me somewhat.

-Cold showers right before bed to help relax.

-It’s summer, so make sure your room is cool. And pitch black.

magnesium after training and before bed.