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Heavy Steroid Cycle. Advice?

10 weeks
1-10. 1250 sustanon
1–10 500 deca
1-10 200 tren ENTHAITE
1-- 8 dinabol
Advice me?
And what pct should i run after this cycle

How many cycles have you ran in the past

What is the purpose of such a heavy cycle, do you intend to compete? If so is this you’re first comp, what level are you aiming for. (Pro amatuer etc)

99.9 percent of people using anabolics never need to veer into this type of dosage, as without just reason it puts you at serious risk of long term health consequences for no good reason. Have a long, hard think before you embark on this cycle.

Seriously, like… A lot of dudes here and in general in my opinion are using way to much, if you want to keep longevity in mind use a more is better approach and rely on diet and training more than gear (gear should be thought of as a tool to aid in helping you achieve your goals, not the be all end all)… So many people saying anything below 500mg test is ineffective… Nonesense, anything above what you naturally produce will alter the bodies homeostasis and elevate protein synthesis, reduce amino acid breakdown, enhance nitrogen retention and all the steroidy things steroids do. Clinical data shows doses as little as 200mg/wk can cause gains in LBM!

Now, my diet sucks ass so I’m no expert on that field lolz, but it’s still my opinion

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I aiming for a huge size thats simply all

Not enough details for anyone to give you any advice. Add more information and you may get some thoughts. Otherwise you’re just kind of expecting everyone to read your mind.


More is not always better (unless you’re talking about @unreal24278 and malva pudding).
Without knowing your history of prior cycles it’s gong to be hard for anyone to help you; if this is your first cycle then the simple answer is NO.

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Experience with AAS? Advice: remove the deca, remove the tren, dbol week 1-4, cut test dose in half. If your diet is good then you should have no problem gaining decent size.

I’m not sure why people are asking about your experience with steroids, that doesn’t seem important to me, or relevant to your question. I’m assuming you’re just asking about ratios of each compound to each other, and duration to run them. I didn’t see anywhere that you asked about health risk or ‘is this too big of a cycle for me?’ Or whatever. Seems like everyone wants to be your mom, lol.

how in the fuck did you come up with this? Nowhere in his post did he say this was a first cycle. He SAID it was a heavy cycle. Your advice is ‘you shouldn’t do a heavy cycle’, essentially. You just told him what someone should do for a first cycle. Any particular reason why? Seems unnecessarily judgemental to me. And honestly, quite useless. If I posted a similar cycle, would you tell me the same thing? I shouldn’t use deca, because… reasons?

Anyway. I’ll address the problems I see right off the bat. Deca is generally run for longer than 10 weeks. My advice would be to extend the cycle to about 14 weeks, ending the deca at 12 weeks, and the test after 14. You can do what you want with the tren, 10 weeks is fine, longer would be fine too. Just make sure you run the test a little longer than the deca so they clear your system closer to the same time. Then, 2 weeks after your test is done (and 4 weeks after your last deca pin), start your pct. nolva-only is the pct I would recommend, starting at 40mg/day and tapering down for 6 weeks.

The ratio of test to deca to tren is fine. You didn’t mention how much dbol you’d take: I’d do 50-100mg/day. If you want to run it for 8 weeks, I’d do the first 4 weeks and then the last 4, rather than 8 weeks in a row.

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What kind of person would you recommend this cycle to? This is an honest question, no smartass, no bullshit.

Do you consider this to be a heavy cycle? Would you consider this to much for someone who is just a gym rat?

And to be honest, calling the other posters “moms” or what i call care bears, seems a bit off. For the point that the original poster is still asking for advice on PCT. IF he is this far in the game to use this heavy cycle, then he should already know about his PCT and not need it fed to him.

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It’s in the range of something I would run, personally, although I don’t particularly like tren. The strongmen competitors I know who compete at higher weight classes than me run more gear than this a lot of times. Last year I ran 1500 test with 600 eq, plus several orals. Bodybuilders will generally run more as well.

Whether running tren with deca is advisable or not is certainly a point that can be discussed, but it is a relatively common combination, not something I’d personally worry about.

So who would I recommend this to? A person competing at a relatively high level in a strength sport. For the highest levels, I’d expect much higher drug use to be involved.

I pretty much answered this above, but it would be relative. Too heavy for a first or second or third time user, not nutty for a more experienced user.

I don’t recommend steroids to gym rats at all, at any level. But I know people use them for that reason, so I also don’t generally try to convince people not to.

Well at the very least, a few posters, most specifically atfit, were overly presumptive. He opted to give his advice based on the assumption that this guy is not ready for a heavy cycle.

Probably. But this guy doesn’t. Is what it is.

I’m only going by what he said here, and I have no desire to convince people to run smaller cycles when they don’t provide any information that would lead me to believe they are getting in over their head. The red flags I look for are age, experience, bodyweight/ lbm, strength, competitive level, etc. If the poster isn’t going to take the time to provide us with that information, I’m not going to take the time to prod him about it, or look for reasons to convince him to use less gear. He wanted to know what we thought about the cycle, acknowledging it as a heavy cycle.


Because his goal is to simply gain huge size and you can certainly get that with less. Sometimes more isn’t always better. Oh, and because I can and nobody is going to tell me otherwise? It’s my advice and I will give it when I want. Deal with it.

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2bd edit: experience with AAS is important because you see new people all the time “wanting to get huge” and throwing out these large cycles which is going to end up possibly screwing them up for awhile. Nothing wrong with a little harm mitigation

Thanks for the in-depth answer. It’s crazy to see the amount of gear, in both compounds and doses the higher up you go.

It really is. It’s pretty much impossible for me to imagine the experience of running, say, 5g total gear per week. That seems so unmanageable, and that’s not even the ceiling of what people run: not even close.

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with harm reduction when it comes to AAS. A big reason they get such a bad rap is because people will ask a question like this (or maybe not even ask and just do it) then end up screwing thier hormones up permanently… To assume this person is at the level to run this cycle and give advice is the same to assume they are not. Altho asking about pct is a red flag… If I’m gonna make assumptions I would assume if someone was at the level to run this they wouldn’t be here asking for advice on it. They probably compete and have people they see often and friends off the internet that can give them way better advice with first hand experience.

Just a thought if giving advice is something someone wants to do maybe wait til you can give it properly after getting stats like age/weight/cycle experience etc otherwise the advice is just irresponsible IMO

Op next post will be HELP my dink doesn’t work anymore… I’m more interested in hearing what his stats are, what his diet is like, what his training consists of. There would be a lot of side effects on a course like that, if unprepared it could be a road to hell. As said above if OP is considering running this cycle I’m pretty sure he would have a lot more knowledge than he currently does. Its very hard to answer his question with the limited info he has provided. If he does decide to do it then pre blood tests to check health would be the first step

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yes and no.

PCT is weird. There are mountains of threads suggesting a dozen different approaches, all with seemingly similar certainty of being correct. Every board you look on has a different protocol that seems to be generally accepted. Even here, PCT advice has evolved over the years. Look at the threads on TNation from 5 years ago about pct. then go back 10 years. You can observe TREMENDOUS differences in what people were sure was the ‘right way’ to do it. It wouldn’t be surprising at all to see the standards for PCT to be very different from what they currently are in another 5 years.


That’s a damn good point. I guess it’s just something about the op that causes red flags IMO. The fact you had to educate him on how long to run Deca and how to is also another thing that makes me think he is not on your level or someones level that should be running this… Not to mention the fact he didn’t say ANYTHING about an AI. I’m from the Dont take it unless you need it belief pool. But I can’t help but think someone running this cycle wouldn’t need one?

another fun topic! lol.

So, when I started my steroids journey, everything I’d read, specifically on here, led me to believe that an AI is an absolute necessity, and I had a pretty good idea of how it should be dosed. Fast forward to now: I haven’t taken an AI once in well over a year, probably closer to 2 years. I can’t remember the last time that was part of a cycle for me. AI’s made me feel like shit too often, and dosing was just impossible to figure out for me. Now, we have voices on this forum who advocate against AI’s and instead recommend nolva, if anything, on cycle. But as recently as 2-5 years ago, those voices weren’t here.

People tend to be very dogmatic about steroids on here. We have these very specific ideas about what a first steroid run should look like, how you should progress, all the cookie cutter bits of advice. And the reality is, most of it is just parroted from one person to another until at some point, the original source is lost and we just believe these things are common knowledge until something new circulates.


Shit, when I first started reading these forums the first thing that was recommended was taking my temperature anally like 6 times a day to make sure thyroid was ok. Then recommended was increasing iodized salt to like so ridiculous amount. Then recommended to start Test with AI + HcG. I hadn’t even created an account at that time. That was just all from reading on these forums. By the time I was prescribed TrT, physioLojik had almost single handedly changed the whole mindset of these forums. He said absolutely No AI unless symptoms are present. Especially for TrT.


What the ideal anal temp to know your thyroid is OK?

From what I gathered, it was supposed to be a certain temp by a certain time right when you wake up. Then you were supposed to have temps throughout the day, that should be hovering 98.6 I just kid about the anally, unless thats the way you want to take it. They were very adamant about it being a mercury based thermometer. It got rather silly. The guy that proposed all this referred to himself in the 3rd person. Like he was a god to the forums. Ever since PhysioLoJacked started passing along real knowledge, the guy up and vanished.

Sorry for the rant

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