Heavy Squats & Deadlifts in the Same Week

guys just wondering how many of you squat and deadlift heavy in the same week? (i.e 1-5 reps 85%+ of 1 rep max)

my best lifts are (bw 210lbs or there abouts…)

squat 150kg (365ishlbs) 5 reps, 160kg 2 reps

deadlift 200kg (405lbs) 1 rep (with belt)

have heard it is not wise to push both at the same time but wanted some experienced guys thoughts before making any decisions. Had been recently doing 5x5 on squats and 5x3 on deadlifts but wanted to try ramping to a very heavy set just to have a go :slight_smile:

i eat a hell of a lot (4000ish calories a day), and get 8-10 hours sleep a day. 20 years old although i feel i am a hardgainer muscle wise, although strength is improving.

if its_just_me happens to come across my post, dude i remember u briefly touching on this in our PMs. would be great if you could share some wisdom bro :slight_smile:

thanks guys x

If your deadlifting 200kg its actually 440lb dude & the 150 squats are 330. Its double then add ten percent, or x2.2.

Pretty good strength anyway but there are many ways to lift heavy in both squat and deadlift in one week. Heck, many do them both succesfully in one session.

Since I’m trying to build muscle, I do quads focused and hamstrings focused leg days where I always do a squat variation for quads and a deadlift variation to hit hammies a little more. Not really sure what your trying to ask but you’ve clearly managed to get stronger then average doing what you’ve been doing. If your just trying to get strong, I’d suggest following 5/3/1 for awhile to give you a sense of the sort of structure that allows you to increase your bench and squat together well. There’s many other powerlifting programmes like smolov (squat focused) and ed coans deadlift routine (obvious) but 5/3/1 is as straight forward as they come and just about everyone has success in bringing up everything on it.

Some powerlifters may have other opinions though, I knew a guy who got to 710lb deadlift by doing 5/3/1 for everything but deadlift, can’t say I know what he did but he didn’t reckon 5/3/1 was that great for building the deadlift…

just my 2 pennies. If your looking more towards bodybuilding I’d say from studying the logs on here most err towards lowish rep (4-6) deadlifts and squats from 6 all the way up to 20+ are all the rage for huge wheels

I’m fairly close to you strength-wise. (425 pound squat, 455 pound deadlift)

For what it’s worth, I train Squat and Deadlift twice a week each, going for 4 or 5 sets of max triples usually. The first week of this much volume felt like I was going to die, I literally couldn’t drive home after my second squat workout of week one.

After that first brutal week though, training both heavy every session seemed to really do wonders. Now, if I miss a deadlift day, I can actually feel it negatively effect my squatting, and vice versa. Anyways, the point is, at least in my experience, you can definitely push both lifts up at the same time, and I’ve found they compliment each other, very, very well.

I started this routine about six weeks ago, and I haven’t not PR’ed in some way or another in any of my workouts thus far.

ideally i’d like strength and size, but i’m greedy lol my origianl post was a little unclear. basically i meant is it possible to safely and effectively lift close to max weights in both squats and deads in the same week.
have looked at 531 before and i may try it at some point…

i think your answers have definatly cleared alot of things up :slight_smile:

heavy triples on each sounds very interesting but i do like my 5x5s on squats atm. 425lb squat is badass bro!!!

oh and thanks for clearing up the weight conversion thingy jake lol

I’d say its pretty safe if you were to not push yourself on your deadlift. If you were doing a 5x5 routine you could dead and squat 2x’s a week on the same day if you want to (I used to)but I’d take it easy on the sets for deadlifts such as 1 heavy set and no more.