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Heavy Squats and Deads = Recipe for Hemorrhoids?


Hey guys, having some personal issues going on from what I assume are caused by heavy squats and deads.. Basically hurts like hell when I drop a deuce and there's always a good amount of blood on the t.p. after wiping. Anyone else run in to this problem? If so, what did you do about it?


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Stop lifting in gear.


preperation H...... increase your water consumption......


Been on a strict diet for about 9 months now, eating 1-2 cups of veggies a day, oatmeal everyday, and fruit. Typical healthy/bodybuilding diet. Don't use gear, just a belt and wrist wraps. Talked to my dad, he said he had them too. Probably just genetics.


Oh, and drinking 2-3 gallons of water a day.


for what it's worth, i've run into the same thing occasionally. originally i was freaked out, like terrified. i'm not supposed to look into a toilet and see that ever. i had significant amount of blood with no pain though (for a few days in a row). i built up the confidence to head to the doctor on campus an get checked out. i figured if i'm bleeding i should stop being immature about it and get checked out asap.

after describing the situation to the doctor, he just said it was likely hemorrhoids or anal fissures -- both of which can occur with absolutely no pain. i guess i had always assumed things like that would be painful and ruled them out as possibilities. he said unless i'm feeling pain or am really concerned i can get some blood work done and get physically checked out, but otherwise it'l go away shortly.

he even said i could head to the pharmacy to get some medication for it (subsidized heavily through school, which is great), but otherwise it's not really big deal.

that was going back a couple years ago now, but i've had it occasionally in between for a few days in a row. more recently i've had it come back but with some discomfort. again, after a few days it just went away. i do have bowel issues that run in my family, so i'm not sure if it's directly related or not.

i don't lift super heavy and i drink lots of water, but perhaps it's the content in my diet. it doesn't occur frequently enough or cause me enough discomfort that i feel like i need to go seek professional medical treatment. i think if it ever gets any worse though i'd immediately go back to the doctor and go ahead with getting checked out though.

out of curiosity, have you been to a doctor to get checked out? if it's bothering you and you feel embarrassed about it or whatever, i'd just say get over it and head in. when i went, it wasn't invasive or anything at all, i just had a chat with the doctor about all the details and was on my way. it's definitely worth it imho.


Thanks for the reply, and no I haven't been to a doctor to get it checked out. I would only go if I saw other things start to happen that were much more serious, i.e. pain when sitting, etc. With my high protein diet, I tend to have various stool sizes. I honestly think the bigger stools tend to just rip or stretch my hole out too much and it tears a little. Lol, sorry if that was too graphic for anyone.


Ive got the same situation, occasionally ill have some red when I whipe. But i've also got IBS, which gives me painful abdominal spasms when trying to do numb2 every now and then, like maybe once every 1-2 months. But ive had this for as long as i can remember, at least since 1st grade.

Ive been to the doc for it recently, but they said it wasnt a big deal, gave me some pain medicine for the occasional cramping, and said if it gets horrible or more frequent to come in, so as long as this isnt occuring all the time, you probly dont have anything to worry about.


Don't go red in the face when trying to poop.


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I read that this can happen simply because you're squating heavy. Find a way around it using methods prescribed b these fine people


Same problem here, I raised my fiber content and that seemed to help. I no longer lift heavey and I use to do extremely heavy squats and leg presses. My dad has had them also so it could be genetics at play also.


It only gets worse as you get older. On a side note, it seems like creatine can make it worse because it causes you to contract even harder. Don't fear the pooper!


There's a bunch of material out there that the sitting posture when defecating can cause haemorrhoids, constipation and other such ailments, and the squatting posture is recommended. Might wanna give it a try, also requires a much lower IAP build-up, and as such reduces risk of stroke while defecating.