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Heavy Squat Video

First video, what you guys think? Advice on what I could improve,etc

Wasnt sure if this was the best place to post, but didnt see any other…

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Solid squat and mirin the GHD in the gym

In the powerlifting section peeps are concerned about squatting more weight on the bar.

You’re strong and have a decent base of muscle and as far as technique goes nothing jumps out as needing fixing. However in powerlifting technical perfection is worth pursuing. So we’ll see if we can make some tweaks:

Tweak stance to squat wider, higher and thus move more weight

Probably could open up at the hips more, allowing you to drop straight down in between your legs and ultimately getting your torso a bit more upright.

Little good morning action going on but considering it isn’t every rep it’s probably more a form/cue thing e.g. actively thinking about resisting the tendency for hips to shoot up and back out of hole by actively driving the hips forward.

Thanks man, that was solid advice! I’ll be sure to check all those videos out!