Heavy SQ/DL Causing Tailbone Pain?

So I worked up to a heavy triple on the squat and deadlift on Sunday. Hamstrings felt a little fried, but not much.

Yesterday at noon I start feeling this persistent pain in my tailbone (coccyx). It is still going on this morning, despite not working out on Monday.

Is it possible that this is a result of SQ/DL??? Or is it just bad posture (I work a desk job)?


well the same thing happened to me about 2 years ago. my tailbone area would hurt for about a week. this happened about 3 times before i traced it to heavy deadlifts.

went to the doc, had x-rays. i had some degenertive arthritis in my lower tailbone (i’m 50). turns out many people get this as they get older but the DL tweaked it really inflamed that area.

Bottom line for me: i had to give up heavy DL.

best of luck.

Well, I’m going to see the doc today. Pain is getting a little worse.

I will post an update when I get a diagnosis.

I am 30 and have that problem with Squats. When I went to get an X-ray, the doctor said that years of heavy lifting have had their toll on my lower back. He suggested to give up squatting all together, but I am back to doing it but lighter.

When I was about 18 I was squatting at the school gym one day and I felt, and heard, a pop in my tailbone. It didnt hurt until the set was over and for about a week after that I could not sit directly on my butt because my tailbone hurt so badly when I did. I had to kinda lean to one side or the other when I sat. I have no idea what that was as I did not go to a doctor. I never had a problem after that though.

Doc said there was no need for x-ray or MRI - as long as the situation didn’t take a turn for the worse. He said there was definitely no disk slippage.

Gave me some Celebrex and I’m feeling almost as good as new today.

I guess I just got a little paranoid…

Thanks for all the responses.