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Heavy Skull Crushers or Close Grip Bench?


I've never really done heavy skull crushers on a flat bench that much, I've always enjoyed doing close grip more. I'm looking to change it up, any thoughts on which might be better for building mass?


close grip bench followed by high rep set of deadskulls. IMO


reverse grip bench press. or just do both CGBP and Heavy Skulls


You can do skulls after CGBP because it's more of an isolation exercise, or swap out CGBP with weighted dips if you really want to change things up for awhile.


They're both very good, why not do both?

If you must pick one, experiment with the one you haven't done much of. Heavy skulls aren't as painful on the wrists if yours are as narrow as mine


I have no issues with skull crushers as lond as I do them on a slight decline bench.


Exactly what I do. Heavy close grip bench with skull crushers afterward (thick bar of course)


Doing them both would entail 2 more compound movements, whereas he would probably do better using close-grip with skullcrushers, and then later on down the road doing dips with something as well.

that way his body isn't going mediocre with both movements, and he'll have something to switch it up to later.


InHuman CGP and Deadskulls are the way to go


I know it has been said before, but could you possibly elaborate on what an inhuman press is?


Close grip bench press done in a smith machine. You press the bar towards your feet. Position the bench so that your ass hangs off the bottom of the bench. The bar should come down to your breastbone. I may be forgetting some details. C_C would be the man to talk to about the finer points of the movements done on IntenseMuscle. Or search posts over at IntenseMuscle


Thank you.


I've seen many, many a trainer do skulls until failure, and then immediately go into close grip benches to fully exhaust the muscle. Personally, I've never been a big fan of close benching. I did do reverse grip benches for a while, and it felt great on my tris, but eventually I was handling weights that started to make my wrists ache a bit too much for my liking (I'll still occassionally do a few light sets at the very end of my session just for variety).

When I'm in a total rush though, I like to do skulls to failure, and then immediately knock out a few bench dips (I don't usually get too many). Seriously pump, and some nice cramping if you push yourself hard.



my triceps blew up for a few weeks when I did a lot of weighted bench dips. I saw too much advice against them (tough on shoulders) and I dropped them. I never got shoulder problems from them, I guess it gets riskier once you start piling the plates on like crazy. I'm sure advanced lifters would be pushing an impractical weight.


hahaha, I think I will stick to normal weighted dips


I love when the small people get all intense like that. Nice touch there at the end.


I was thinking something similar to this i.e. mechanical drop sets going from SC's to close-grip.


one of the best things i've done for tricep mass is one big set that starts with Elbow's out to failure then drop into dumbell extensions to failure, then finish with neutral grip presses to failure.


Neither. Do the KING of tricep builders... Parallel bar dips.


No no no... Those were tricep twitch reps followed by a blast isometric rep for the biceps