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Heavy Shrugs

Whenever I do Dumbell or Barbell shrugs. besides getting sore on my traps, I also get sore all over my lat area. Has anybody had this same issue? It’s just weired I thought shrugs work one’s traps and shoulders. Thanks,
PS Maybe, I am doing them wrong? I do keep my body straight and chest forward, making sure not to make my neck droop forward and I also keep my knees bent a bit too.

RJ, You’re flaring your lats to help stabilize your shoulders at the bottom of the lift, much like folks do at the bottom of benching. I’m not sure if there’s a right or wrong form but flaring my lats takes a lot of stress off my neck extensors and (separated) shoulder.

Like Jeff said, I believe that the soreness is stemming from the use of the lats as stabilizers. I doubt there’s anything wrong with this technique. As long as the shrug is being performed correctly, you’re good-to-go. I often experience a similar soreness in my lats following stiff-leg deadlifts. I can feel my lats working during the exercise. It doesn’t pose a problem though, and doesn’t take away from the overload on the hamstrings.