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Heavy Rap to Lift To?


Need a change of pace from the rock and alternative I normally listen to when training ...

Any recommendations for hard, driving rap that's good for lifting? Songs, artists, whatever ...




Jedi Mind Tricks - Legacy of Blood (album)


Styles of Beyond
Wu-Tang Clan
Talib Kweli

Some of my personal faves.


also -

Geto Boys
Public Enemy


Anything by DMX, especially his first 2 albums.


It's pretty sad when someone thinks Talib Kweli is HARD RAP!! wow LMAO!!! I agree with Public Enemy and DMX. Also 2pac and NWA.


Ok, im sad. Just some of my preferred rap music.

For the record, I think Get By is an awesome song to work out to.

Oh yeah, Mobb Deep too.


Actually anything of Jedi Mind Tricks. Early Mobb Deep albums, DMX, etc.


When I think of Rap music that makes me wanna punch someone in the face, DMX is all that comes to mind.


Born to Win by Papoose isn't necessarily "heavy" rap, but it's a good song to lift to. DMX is good, as is Tupac and even some Eminem tracks. Hellrazor is a good one, as is Til I Collapse.


Early albums by Brotha Lynch Hung and any Black Market Records (Brotha Lynch Hung's label) stuff in general. Spice 1's first couple albums. Mr. Mike's first couple albums. DMX's first album and some of his second. Early Ice Cube, some early Three 6 Mafia/Prophet Posse, really early no limit stuff like Down South Hustlers, TRU(and I am weary of recommending this for fear of ridicule but...screw it) Method Man, Tupac, Ol Dirty Bastard, Thug Life...I could think of a million more but this should hold you off for now.


Ghost ride the whip! rap is no good.

Alice in Chains


I've been feelin Game lately.


I'm gonna have to go with R. Kelly or Cassidy, maybe even a little usher.


Now seriously....

Some of Eminem's songs, not the more pop ones, but like "Soldier" and "Go to Sleep" (with DMX)

DMX and 2Pac were good advice

I like some of the "harder" 50 cent songs, favorites include "blood hound," "patiently waiting," "back down"

Coolio - Gangstas Paradise is also one that i enjoy


Heres a list of some more unknown rappers:

Spice 1 (hits cd),
MC Eight (section 8 cd),
Dogg Pound,
Scarface (my homies cd),
Body head bangers,
the legion,
bloods & crips cds,
3-6 mafia,
thug's life

Also you could try listening to some samples at www.horrorcore.com , they have a lot of hard rap that will get your adrenaline agoing.

Heres some more known rappers:

wu-tang clan,
lil john,
cypress hill,
ice cube,
ice t,
thug life,
early Snoop dog,
early Ja rule,
50 cent,
young buck,

theres plenty more out there... exspecially when you get into the underground rap scene.



Smiff & wessun, AZ, Big L, anything off of Nas first album [Illmatic], Journalist. Be warned, you might start focusing on the lyrics as they are all dope, but if you want a serious beat and a killer mind frame these will get you goin.


Wu-Tang--36 Chambers

GZA--Liquid Swords

Raekwon/Ghostface--Only Built 4 Cuban Linx




Lil Jon
David Banner
Ying Yang Twins
Young Jeezy
Juelz Santana
Gucci Mane