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Heavy-Pump Split

Hey guys

I took 2.5 months off training during the summer due to work and various other reasons. I’ve been training again since the beginning of October, have put some muscle back on and started to lose the accumulated fat.

I was wondering what you guys thought of this split, so far it feels good and is highly enjoyable. My aim to fat loss with a progression into re-composition in the new year.


You’ll find my split spreadsheet on the link above, I am currently eating the fat loss macros shown in the sheet as well (230g pro, 200g carb, 55g fat)

Please can you critic my plan so I can improve it, I will attempt to upload current pictures when I can get someone to take some pics

Thanks in advance guys!

It feels like a plan that’s trying to do everything all at once. There are other issues as well but it seems to be overly complex and lacking in a clear focus.

Ok, So seeing as my main goal atm is fat loss you would simply the program how? But being young and still quite a novice i was hoping to put a little muscle on as well (always an optimist).


When you’re looking to lose fat, without sacrificing lean body mass, it’s all about intensity. That means short sessions, less of them (I think you should have at least 1 day off a week), and more compound exercises.

There’s many ways to do this, Barbell complexes are a good one. Christian Thibaudeau’s built for bad circuits would be another:

There’s plenty more, but the key is intensity, so heavy weights and short workouts.