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Heavy Program w/ Double Stimulation Training, Feedback?

Hi, I would like approval/tips for my workout routine :slight_smile:
It’s based on a strength & Power Main session and the day after a pump feeder session,
and one Squat dominant session.

Monday: Main Session
Thuesday: Pump-feeder Sesssion
Wednesday:Squat session
Thursday: Off
Friday Main Session
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off

Main Session)
-PowerClean & PushPress 15 Total Reps w/Workload using sets of 1-3 Reps
-HighPulls (Snatch grip) 10 Total Reps w/ Same workload using sets of 1-3 Reps
-Pullups 2 Rep RampUP + 1xMaxReps w/BW
-Dips 2 Rep RampUp + 1xMaxReps w/BW

*Two first done from floor.

Pump-feeder session:
-LatPulldown (V grip) 5x10
-BTN Press (Snatch grip) 5x10
-InvertedRow + PushUps 20-20,15-15,10-10,5-5 (Not for time but w/ little rest as possible)

Squats Session:
-Squat Ramp 2 Rep RampUp starting w/FrontSquats and moving to BackSquats in the Ramp
-BoxJumps 20 Singles

How does this look ?
I would like feedback from anyone, not only CT :slight_smile:

Thanks to T-nation, Love the site and it’s a major inspiration for me !! :smiley:

I think he meant to do two sessions in one day - so strength -power first and then endurance or more moderate 10-15 reps. He seems to like working in as many different rep ranges as possible like Poliquin’s does to exhaust all muscle fibre. if you are doing bodybuilding . But not for strength I think . At least not outside of hypertrophy phases.

I like stimulating the muscles more than once. I find it works . You can use mini-workouts like for e.g. press ups (pushups) in different ranges throughout the day too.

I hope what I said is correct. Of course others and CT can pitch in.

In the article about double stimulation training he gives the adivce of training a muscle the day after the strength work, Lets say u follow the international Chest monday, and on thuesday u are doing Back, then u start this workout with 15 minutes of light pump work for chest before doing ur regular back routine. thats double stimulation method as far as I understood it.
I like to train in the lower rep range, I feel doomd to do that. thats why I want to try this DST method so I can learn to train in higher rep ranges to hit all my fibers, and I have to say I really get a damn good contraction in my muscles and they get get very sore also, in a good way.
Example, I really struggles to get sore in my shouldes, no matter what I do, but when I do higher reps on BTN press the day after I’ve done heavy Cleans & Presses, I get a super good contration, and the day after that I get really sore on my shoulders, and that just feels amazing, so this is definatly something for me, and my body! :smiley:

Cheers !