Heavy PIP on New Batch of Test E

TL;DR: Had trouble with heavy post injection soreness and fever / test flu. Adding additional benzyl benzoate to the solution fixed it. Though i can’t recommend trying to work on contamined gear (swollen/red injection sites), if soreness and flu-like symptoms are the only issue your gear might be saveable with a little more BB!

Hey everyone,

so basically, i ran out of home-brewed gear (Test E) on cycle and had to brew up a new batch. While i had no PIP whatsoever on the previous one, I’m now experiencing massive soreness and test flu symptoms after shots. The flu/fever/soreness set in about 6-8 hours after injection, and can get REALLY bad (as in, 2 thicccc blankets on a guy who usually sleeps with none. can no longer squat or even bend the knee over 90 degrees due to intense pain while stretching). Fever lasts for roughly a day, while the soreness lasts roughly 4-5 days. As i inject twice a week (left and right leg, vastus lateralis) this has massively crippled my leg workouts - one leg is always too sore to work out properly. The injection sites look normal (no inflammation, no lumps, no swelling), though applying pressure hurts due to the soreness. I always follow sterile prodecure and use 25g needles for injection. Before injection, i warm up the solution to slightly over room temperature. There are no noticable crystals in the solution.

I followed the same protocol while brewing, that is: Dissolve Test E powder in BB+BA+grapeseed oil under heat, run through size 0.22 syringe filters into pre-sealed, pre-sterilized vials. I think i used the same recipe, which is:

25g powder

~60ml oil, to get to 100ml of solution

15ml BB (might have used 20 on previous batch)

3ml BA (might have used 2 on previous batch)

→ 100ml of 250mg/ml

All of the ingredients are taken from the same batch as on the previous brew, roughly half a year old and have been stored at room temperature.

I had an appendectomy 3 weeks ago, which is roughly when i switched between the brews (had 1 more shot of the old brew afterwards). Not sure if this could have an effect.

Figured the symptoms might eventually go away once i get used to it, but since this has been going on for 3 weeks now… any ideas? Help is much appreciated!

Edit: Turns out the recipe used on the current batch calls for 50% grapeseed oil, 50% ethyl oleate. EO apparently acts as a solvent, and the quantity of BB was already lower to begin with. Though i can’t see visible crystals, i might add some additional BB to each vial. Let’s see if i can fix this mess.

Edit 2: I added 4ml of sterile 50:50 GSO/BA mixture to each 20ml vial, bringing the BB concentration up from 15% to slightly under 25% while dropping the Test E concentration to ~200mg/ml. Reheated to 80°C, shook for a couple minutes, let cool down and did a shot. Last couple injections had a feeling of ‘pressure’ to them, this one went very smooth. In fact, it took only half the time even though i used an additional 0.4ml to make up for the lower test concentration. Will report back tonight on soreness/fever.

Edit 3: 12 hours after the injection, the usual fever did not come up at all. Injection site became slightly sore after 6-8 hours, but it’s already getting better and nowhere near as crippling. Can bend the leg no problemo. Problem solved!

Classic bad ethyl oleate reaction. I hate that shit(great for guys that aren’t effected though). For 250mg/ml you don’t need heavy duty solvents. Stick with GSO,BB, and BA.

Options : inject into the glutes, it will still be very painful, but not as crippling as in the quads.


A sensible person would ditch this batch and brew or buy a fresh batch without EO.

I did not use any EO, which apparently was part of the problem. Problem solved. :slight_smile:

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LOL :smile:

I am a fellow home brewer. I just wanted to chime in with some info for thought.

MCT oil is nice and thin and actually seems to hold slightly higher concentrations without heavy levels of solvents. It actually comes from coconuts but it’s supposedly processed so even someone with an allergy can use it, however I would proceed with caution. If you decide to try this oil or any other new oil you can test it on yourself before you brew with it. Just sterilize and filter a small amount then inject as if it’s a finished product. Any reaction to it should happen then and you can proceed accordingly.

Guaiacol is one of the “newer” solvents getting used more and more. I see it referred to as a 'super solvent" but really I think it just happens to work better with the harder to work with hormones like making oil dissolved injectable winstrol. I guess anything that can make winstrol hold in our and be a painless injection is pretty super. I see a lot of DHB/1-test and tren enanthate recipes calling for guaiacol. So anyone with an issue with EO can explore this solvent.

The other thing I have learned the hard way has to do with those sterile one use vacuum filters. I had a brew that was clear then I filtered it and it was slightly cloudy. I thought it was crashing as it was DHB a notoriously hard to hold hormone. Once I re heated and realized it was not starting to crash I thought maybe my filter membrane was being eaten by the solvents, nope not the case. Turns out the material the receiving vessel was made of was being dissolved by the EO and maybe even the BB. The brand of vacuum filter had a red colored filter. Once I switched brands and had a different material for the receiving vessel the cloudiness never happened again. However I still have the remaining vacuum filters I can’t use, i had to buy 12 at a time. Lesson learned.

Great thread Baroquez, this is really usefull stuff you’re sharing.

A couple of thoughts . . . . 1 the revised solution is now slightly reduced concentration (at 200 vs 250 mg/ml) perhaps you are gradually becoming sensitized to the higher concentrations . . . ( unlikely )

2 the revised solution was effectively pasteurized, at 80 Deg C. This sounds much more significant than solvent concentrations, or the ester concentration ( I think) . . . . but that would suggest there had been viable pathogens in your initial brew ! ie the problem is infection rather than allergy? Pathogens are unlikely to survive the initial brewing process, but if you’re then using non-sterile filters . . . . transferring to non - sterile receivers . . .

The fact that your situation was improved by pasteurisation/addition of solvent also rules out that the steroid ester had been damaged by overheating in the first place, that would have been irreversible.

I have recently obtained some dbol 10s and test e it’s been a week and i haven’t felt the strength improvement in the gym yet from the dbol and I am getting extreme pip like cant barely walk and definatley cant bend my leg I don’t know what’s going on if I got ripped off or what what do you think you seem to be knowledgable have any suggestions

With ANY batch of test e that you run into issues with the first step is ALWAYS heating it. It melts just above room temperature and when you mix in the BA and BB you get a clear solution. Most UGLs consider the clearness as a sign of a proper brew, not so. It has to be heated to properly dissolve the hormone. Even though you can’t see it that test e is still in tiny crystals until you heat it, melt it and make it dissolve into the carrier oil. So heat that bottle and see if it helps.

As far as the dbol. This stuff, and actually no steroid is magic. Everyone wants to feel this surge of incredible power, it just doesn’t happen. On the first week of dbol I would expect to be able to go longer in the gym, if I was working out to a point where I usually would be soar then I would expect the soarness on the dbol to be less or non existent. Other than that I would expect to see a few extra pounds from the extra water. Once I see that extra water I know my body is reacting so I know it’s time to put on the gas and start every exercise with heavier weights, add an extra exercise or two to my regular routine. Then every week as I work my way through all of my body parts add 5-10 pounds to every set. That dbol will let you get through that heavier weight like it was lighter than what you normally do, that’s really what dbol does for me in practice. Basically let’s me go heavier on everything by 5-10 pounds , I do a lot of dumbell stuff so if you are using the bar then I would think 25 lbs extra would be where to start.

I didn’t say this as clear as I could.
On dbol I can add 5-10 lbs every week once i start showing the extra water retention. So if I have everything well lined out on a 4 week run of dbol the first week I usually just add in extra exercises but stay at same weight then over weeks 2-4 I can end up adding 15-30 lbs on a lot of my exercises without feeling like I made that much of a jump. That of course on a good test base.