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Heavy Partials for Strength-Skill Training

I have a simple question regarding the Russian Strength-Skill article. If you choose to do a dynamic hip hinge exercise like the snatch high pull or power clean, then how do you do the partials for that exercise? Thanks!

My thoughts for what its worth…

for Snatch High Pulls - Snatch Low Pulls
for Power Cleans - maybe Chinese Low Pulls or Explosive Rack Pulls depending on your weaknesses.

Correct, if you pick high pulls the partial would be low pulls (still trying to high pull the weight, but using a weight that you can only get to your abdomen). This was my main “assistance” exercise when I took my high pull from 125 to 180kg.

If you do snatches or clean then high pulls (or low pulls) would become your partial lift.

Thanks Coach and Iboro!