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Heavy Partial Lateral Raises

I was messing around with these today and really like them as I could really feel my medial delt working; my question is: how should I program them in for hypertrophy? Straight sets with high reps? Moderate reps supersetted with full ROM laterals? Appreciate any thoughts or ideas, thanks


Search “mountain dog capped delts” on YouTube.

(Not one of his, so apologies to Paul)


Not Paul, but this tri set is awesome.
Cable Y raise + top half laterals+heavy partials.

I’m actually not a fan of these at all.

The muscle doing the most amount of moving the load in that initial range of motion isn’t the medial delt, but the suprispinatus. So what you’re “feeling” isn’t your medial delt working. Sorry.

Well that answers that question. Thank you sir

Also because there is no such muscle as the medial delts, so you’d be hard pressed to ever feel them working



What are the 3 separate origins of the deltoid known as ?

Anterior or front, lateral or middle, posterior or rear, sir.

Look up what medial means before playing smart ass.


Having now done that, it seems like what people call the medial delt is in fact the complete opposite!

Exactly haha

If you viewed a deltoid as an independent living organism then it might make sense. Maybe some bodybuilders just get’em so big they take on a life of their own.


Did you just call clee a smartass?

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I said that he was being a smartass (aka “playing the smartass”)

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Ummm yes there is. If you want to come over to the N1 page and debate that we can.


  • Lateral or acromial fibers arise from the superior surface of the acromion process of the scapula.
  • They are commonly called lateral deltoid.This muscle is also called middle delts, outer delts, or side delts for short.
  • They are also mistakenly called medial deltoid, which is wrong, as their origin is the least medial portion of the deltoid.

There is no muscle called the medial deltoid in the human body. What you mean is the middle deltoid. When you talk about the medial delt, you talk about something that doesn’t exist, because the meaning of the word medial implies something that is diametrically opposite to the meaning you attribute to it. Medial means inner, close to something’s midline. The opposite would be outer, or lateral. Middle is also correct because the middle deltoid is located between two other heads of the muscle, the front and rear portions.

I don’t know what N1 is (instagram?), but we can debate this anywhere. You are wrong this time and, save for a complete overhaul of the meaning of every medical and biomechanical term that exists, nothing will change that.


hahaha well it’s from wiki so it must be true.

You’re such a f’n clown dick. I’ll address this in a bit, I have errands to run.

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I am going to ignore the personal attack because I think you are making enough of a fool of yourself on your own.

From Oxford’s dictionary:


  • [Anatomy Zoology] Situated near the median plane of the body or the midline of an organ.
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When the deltoid is dissected…what’s that area actually defined as?

When you’re talking about the deltoid there is a medial head…because that’s what it’s literally defined as in dissection (go look it up). So if you are dissecting a deltoid muscle, you’re going to call it the “medial” head…because that’s what it is in relation to itself. Which is why it’s referred that way in dissection.

If you’re talking about in relation to the body, then it’s not “medial” to the body, but that would also depend on what plane you’re referring to because there’s not just one. It’s the most “medial” in the sagittal plane.

Second, the link in the wiki article doesn’t even f’n exist anymore, and was abcbodybuilding . com…highly reputable as a resource (that’s sarcasm in case you miss it).

This is nothing more than you having an ax to grind because somewhere along the way after answering more than a 1000 of your over-thinking and overly nuanced questions, I didn’t answer one in a way you liked so you’re in full clown dick mode.


Before you continue, I’m aware that “medial” is the mid-line of the “torso”. Therefore if that’s the coloring book anatomical reference you’re using then there is no “medial” deltoid.

When you’re looking the deltoid muscle itself, which is what they do in dissection (M1) then it can and is defined as middle OR medial…because that’s the relationship of the muscle to itself.

Now don’t you have program to hop to this week you weren’t on last week?

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