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Heavy On the Liver?? Dbol/Var/Winny


Basically here is what I'm trying to do, I want to add a good 10-15lbs of muscle while on the Dbol, and then for the remainder of the cycle hit up some winny/var. Here is what I have outlined so far...

Stats: 5'8". 195lbs 12%bf

Have done 1 previous cycle before, which consisted of dbol weeks 1-4 @ 30mg/ed and Test E Weeks 1-10 @ 500mg/week.

This is what I want to do:

Week 1-8 : Test-E 600mg/wk (with Frontload)
Week 1-4 : Dbol 30mg/ed
Week 5-10 : var/winny @ 50mg/50mg ed
PCT : Nolva 40/40/20/20
Adex : Week 2-10 @ .25-.5mg EOD

Now my concern is this too hard on the liver? Being on orals for 10 weeks straight I feel may pose some problems. Granted I have not used either var or winny before, I have just read that they have a very positive synergistic effect, so I figured to use them both with each other on the first go. Also is 50/50 var/winny an effective dose? Should I up it? Should I trade out one of the compounds for something like masteron to help out my liver? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.


It's not a crazy idea, but it could be problematic.

The only way to know is to get your liver values tested before you go on cycle and then again at some point during the cycle. Base your decision off that.


Or just run the Winny weeks 6-10. Seems to be the most obvious solution. Gives you a two week break in the middle. It's exactly what I do.


Thank you for the response.. My only other concern is the dosage of my var/winny. I believe I read somewhere on these forums (a few years back) that Bill Roberts said that 100mg total of both var/winny was an effective dose. However if it would be worth it to spend the extra cash, and buy another tub of var and up the dose to say 80/50 or something I would. Should i leave it at 50/50 or should I raise the var a little bit?


You're using oral winnny- Bill Roberts said there was not much benefit beyond 50mg/day for oral Winstrol. I believe the 100mg referred to inj. stanozolol.

Other post still hasn't shown up yet...


Sorry for the old bump guys, but I have a new question. I was able to acquire a fairly large amount of var and winny. I however opted against getting the Dbol. This is my new cycle plan...

Week 1-8: Test-E 600mg/wk (With Frontload)
Week 5-10: Var75mg/winny50mg ED

Now I have a LOT of winny... would it be OK to run the winny for a couple weeks prior to the var at 50mg ED? Or should I just not bother and only run the winny when I am running the var?