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Heavy On Seated Calf Raises?


Not that this revolutionary or anything, but I've always had a hard time loading heavy on the seated calf raises. I'm doing Chad W's 25 Method, which calls for seated calf raises and I've chosen the 4 x 6 rep scheme for that day. I can load over 300 lbs, almost all of my home gym weight and easily push out 20 reps.

For some reason today, i had the brilliant idea of doing these 1 leg at a time. I don't have to put as much weight, and struggle with getting the bar into position. Just pad the bar and set it on the working leg. After 6 reps switch over to the other leg while using your arms to help balance the weight.

It definately was harder and more stimulating, like many other 1 limb exercises. Just thought I would share my epiphany, try it out. I don't know why I didn't think of this years ago, sometimes movements just come to you about the gym at the oddest times.



I agree with you about the movements statement. Although I've kinda reached a point where I look at all movements critically...

"Could I use one arm/leg for this, would it be beneficial to cheat or anti-cheat (like an anti-cheat curl), should I pause at the top/bottom, could I make it into an easy complex using another lift..."

Also, I lower to a 2-count and pause for 3 at the top and bottom of all calf movements now. That seems to help too since they're pretty stretch-prone (especially if you have "stubborn" high calves)


Calfs are a tricky thing...

If you were born with golf balls do not expect water melons...

But growth is very possible with pain and full range of motion - heavy but full range... Heal all the way down then all the way up to your toe as if you were looking over the fence of a nudist colony of hot chicks that love water sports....

reps HIGH! At a minimum 15 and max to up the weight at 30

Train them at a minimum 2x weekly...


I hear ya inthego, but why just reps of 15 and over?

I've had plenty of success training them just like any other muscle, with heavy lower reps and higher volume (achieved by multiple sets).