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Heavy Metal + Training


I still pop on some old hardcore stuff for nostalgia purposes but it doesn’t have the same effect. I find myself thinking - wow this stuff isn’t even getting me amped at all… haha.

I’ll tell you what song always gets me going is “Isles of Avalon” by Iron Maiden … Such a fantastic fucking song … even the groovy instrumental proggy part is just fun and chill to listen to. That’s a damn well constructed song. Top 5 for me for Iron Maiden songs. It was from there that I noticed I like more progressive type metal.

Speaking of which … I have to go give Amon Amarth a listen … they’ve been popping up in all sorts of discussions recently and I haven’t given them a listen.

BTW how’s the Austrian eco readings going?


When I was about seven I had a cousin listening to it, I heard it and was like “this is fucking awesome” It started with hard rock, alternative metal and (shudder) nu metal, I think the first “metal” thing I ever listened to was linkin parks hybrid theory album, which I now consider to be crap… and not metal either. When I was about 9 through 14 I had some very tough times and I found solace in music and bodybuilding, at the time I was looking for something like linkin park, but more aggressive, I hadn’t really heard metal before, and I didn’t know what I was looking for but something about the aggressive, pissed off sound of the music really helped me through my days. From what I remember I was watching a youtube video and a clip from while she sleeps, this is the six came on, I was hooked, I NEEDED to know what it was, so I typed in the lyrics, hence came the first “metal” song I really liked. While she sleeps was metalcore, not the generic, shitty metalcore that has whiney vocals and is popular with kids, this was suprisingly hard for metalcore, it’s a mix of hardcore punk and extreme metal. I got hooked, from then on I moved onto cattle decapitation (deathgrind), some other metalcore like as I lay dying and suicide silence (deathcore), from there I branched out into melodic death metal, black metal, death metal, hardcore punk and thrash metal. Recently I’ve found appreciation for the classics like slayer, iron maiden, judas priest etc.

This is the song that really kicked it all off. I don’t really listen to metalcore anymore, but this band I still listen to

Out of the bands you listed I listen to

  • Death
  • Black Sabbath
  • Iron Maiden
  • Entombed
  • Slayer
  • Iron Maiden
  • Morbid Angel

I have listened to suicidal tendancies before, but it’s not one of my regular go to bands


I like all in flames. Old punk like 88Fingers Louie & US Bombs. I also like elvis, Johnny Cash, Tupac & DMX. Country music and classical violin. I cannot be typed on music. I saw Gwar and Brad paisley in the same week :wink: I find joy in all music. I also workout to audio books. Yup, I nerd out.


Man, my metalhead origin story is such a shame now - my awakening was a specific moment at the age of 12/13 when a friend of mine who was really into rock/metal/alternative stuff showed me the first album I’d ever heard that featured guitar distortion and fast drums and I immediately gravitated to that whole genre.

Unfortunately that album was The Lost Prophets and now that it turns out their lead singer raped a baby the story kinda loses its romance.