Heavy Metal Thread (and Associated Genres)

I’m glad John Coffey is making music again.

If you need to know, this is how awesome they are:

I just discovered After the Burial. A local band from Minneapolis. I like it. They have been around for awhile and I’ve liked heavier music for a long time. I have seen people with their shirts here and there, but I figured they probably weren’t that good, or just good for a local group. I guess I was missing out.


Drain’s new album would be an A+ even without The Descendants cover.

I really like after the burial, they have some great songs. Some of their stuff I just can’t get into though. The production on their earlier releases is just all over and it sounds like a collection of produced-at-home singles. Each song individually is great, but it just doesn’t work cohesively as an album.

The first song from them that I heard was this one, and it’s still my favorite!

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New York hardcore, groove metal or rap? What was the band from New York that was associated with gangs/the grafitti scene. There was one in particular that had a really catchy song and it sounded like metal crossed with rap and hip hop (but not quite nu metal) This song gives me the same vibe as that band

I can’t remember for the life of me… cognitive faculties are stunted

Several. @unreal24278

Terminal Confusion
Crown of Thornz

Mackey from Cro-mags was a graffiti writer but no one else in the band wrote (as they say).

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Guy from my old town did this in tribute to Madball.

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It was this one

@BrickHead there was a hardcore concert in Aus recently where the crowd AND the band were so unruly that the venue issued a permenant ban on the band!

In most venues, moshing isn’t really allowed here. Only in open spaces/large festivals is it tolerated

I can see why that would be the case.


This one’s been a staple of my play queues during the past 8 months or so since I first heard it, so good:

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Troy core!

Forgot about this collaboration.

Some instrumental guitar porn. Polyphia, Angel Vivaldi, Cloudkicker.


New one from In This Moment

Brink’s voice is so good.

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Not a metal song, but if you play drums, this is amazing.

He does Slipknot songs one handed.

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Dude is insaaaaaaaane…

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I’m down a rabbit hole. Here’s one more.


Digging this one


I’ve been on a Slaughter to Prevail / Alex Terrible kick lately

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Dude is fucking intense

Just saw Midnight and Danzig in Vegas


Maybe not metal per se (and it’s cover of a very not metal song) but pre-workout eye candy at least: