Heavy Metal Thread (and Associated Genres)

Because everyone should be listening to The Dirty Nil.

I shamefully enjoy Leo Moracchioli’s metal covers of pop songs.

No shame in it. Metal makes everything better.

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The quintessential half time, guitar solo, and break down from metal really makes all songs better.

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Thank you for this, never heard of these guys but I’m into it.

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That band reminds me of this band:


Ps How do I embed a video?

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Awesome! I just saw them live for the first time. They ripped it. My wife described the bass playing as making her feel “feral,” which is probably the highest compliment.

Hmm. I just copy and paste the YouTube link, and the forum does the rest.

Being a teen in the late 90s early 00s, I do like me some nu metal from time to time.

Saw these guys with Sevendust a couple times. Great live band and good lifting noise.

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And while I’m talking nu metal.

Still come back to this album. Absolute banger.

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Breakdowns = PRs

Nonpoint rocks. Just added their discography to my library to relive my youth lol

Also P.O.D. But it’s sad when you realize “Youth of a Nation” now describes both your generation and the one below you.


I first heard POD on Slednecks 3. One of the segments used “south town.” Still takes me back everytime I hear it.

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Acid Rain by Liquid Tension Experiment

This mornings audible breakfast

Im a really big fan of Nordic Folk Metal / Melodic Death Metal. Its awesome for training

No… way…

4 MILLION views ahahaha

The lyrics are absolutely vile. Very funny

Solo starting at 3:35 is actually pretty good.


Reminded me of this gem.

(RIP Alexi)

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The other day, I was playing the into drum part (its a simple tom / snare pattern) at band practice, and the guitarist asked “what is that, I know it”. It’s been a long time since that has seen a lot of radio play.

I was doing my cardio yesterday, and Parkway drive showed up as recommended. Been ages since I listened to them. I know it not pure metal (for the metal snobs that can’t accept metal core), but I think they are pretty good workout music.

One of the things I really like about them is that their songs have lots or really good transitions from high energy to low energy. Good breakdowns, but they will incorporate them into lots of different parts of the song. A chorus might have a one measure mini breakdown right in the middle for example.