Heavy Metal Thread (and Associated Genres)

Lamb of God’s Omens just dropped.


I saw this

I’ve listened to the album back to back.

Solid release

I miss when they had the melodic death metal element

Killadelphia was probably the last album that had the death metal element.

Now it’s thrash metal crossed with metalcore. An absolutely awesome fusion of genres nonetheless.

Also… bjj/gjj black belt! Damn… I bet orthopaedic suregons are very happy sports like BJJ, wrestling and judo exist lol. It’s an amazing martial art.

Extremely effective


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Made me think of this.

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My favorite album of LoG start to finish is probably Wrath. My favorite LoG “sound” is probably New American Gospel.

That said, if I were a fighter, this might be my top choice for walk-out music:

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Disturbed still killing it 2+ decades later
Disturbed - Bad Man [Official Music Video] - YouTube

I wish I could play drums like Chris Adler. I hear the new guy (in LoG) is very good though.

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