Heavy Metal Thread (and Associated Genres)

A strange thing to say when you’re referencing one of the most popular heavy metal bands of all time… the band that, I don’t know, allowed heavy metal to become a mainstream thing?

Listen, dude. I personally love the aggressive stuff. I also love Black Sabbath. I also love every other type of music there is. Your dislike of good music has zero impact on how I feel about the stuff I like…

I will say, however, that I respect Tony Iommi’s opinion on what good heavy metal is just about as much as I respect your opinion… which is not at all. I don’t need anyone to tell me what good music is, my friend. I already listen to it.


No I don’t have any delusions I will convince people of their bad taste.

Nor do you have any respect for the power of the comma.


And you have a bad attitude cannoli


Even savant drummers geek out on it

I didn’t get into real heavy metal until about 10ish years ago (dipped my toe into Norse black metal like Amon Amarth thanks to HeadBangers Ball), but this video I stumbled upon helped me to appreciate the technical aspect of metal more:

Any of you happen to listen to VOD?

I loved this album back in high school.

From my spotify discover weekly:

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Could anyone share a metal playlist on Spotify that rocks at training? :metal: :metal:

Van Halen with DLR

Killing it again
Five Finger Death Punch - Welcome To The Circus (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube

Been getting into polyphia lately. I’m trying to work on controlling rest times between sets and this music really keeps me feeling that I need to be attacking the whole workout, rather than having a music break to get hyped for the next set.

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For me, nothing touched Deftones. All of my life’s ups and downs have Deftones as the soundtrack. First heard them in 97 when Around the Fur came out and been hooked ever since.

I go through the whole catalog and then just start over. Self titled right now.

Digital Bath \m/


Worldwide Metal Style from Taiwan

Nini Music - LongMa (Taiwanese Folk Metal) - YouTube

For humor purposes

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Gojira \m/


I highly recommend Ozzy’s new album
“Patient No 9”