Heavy Metal Thread (and Associated Genres)

Haven’t seen the new meshuggahs album posted yet

ETIDs new album is top 5 for me right now. Gotta support the local(ish) boys, even though they did recently call it quits.

A classic I’ve been jamming recently

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It is a sign of running out of ideas. Total garbage in my opinion! There is no discernible melody, just screaming and bashing!

Shit I’m sorry dude! I forgot this was a thread dedicated to catering to @castoli music tastes and not the “Heavy Metal Thread (and Associated Genres)” !!!

Here you go buddy


:rofl::rofl: :rofl:

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Try to figure out how to play “Bleed” by Meshuggah on drums. I think you may change your opinion on it just being bashing if you take this challenge.


Not sure I’d call this metal but it’s decently heavy and Lucas’ voice is killer. I follow him on YouTube for guitar stuff but InterTwyneD is a hell of a band and they just came out of retirement.

Figure out how to play any meshuggah song on any instrument, haha. They’re on another level.


While this may be childish, the metal is in such poor taste. Sabbath would be so embarrassed by this version of metal.

And that is what I call screaming. Absolute garbage! Don’t care how technically proficient the drummer may be, he can’t save this trash.

Ozzy at least has toured with some of the bands in this thread.

You don’t have to like it. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have merit. You might just like more pop / produced music than other’s here.

These bands don’t need saving. They are doing fine without you. Here is one of my favorite metal bands Gojira.

These bands are making plenty of money touring and selling their music. Many of them have huge followings.

Ozzy in his later years is an embarrassment. So I’m not surprised there.

The drummer only contributed to this pile of shit.

Just because a band may sell a lot only goes to show the poor taste that those in the public can have. Backstreet Boys sold a lot. Doesn’t mean they didn’t make over-produced shit for music.

Damn dude are you having a bad day or something


Man, it sure is crazy that different people have different opinions and enjoy different things. The audacity of these people to be different from you!


Answering a way old post here: Have you heard Green Lung? They are channelling Black Sabbath real well, while still having a sound of their own. Really great - discovery of the year for me.

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It seems like a fools errand to try to come off as an expert on something individually subjective.

Do you have some sort of delusion that you are going to convince people to all of a sudden decide the music they like is trash?

I think a lot of hobbies / music is stupid for me. I don’t deny that the people who like these things actually like them and have their own reasons for liking them.


My favorite band since Hot Damn!, and Radical is a masterpiece.

All This and War because I’m seeing '68 tonight.

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I haven’t, but i’ll add it to my playlist. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I love josh scogin, he’s such an awesome vocalist/front man. I loved old norma jean and the chariot stuff but haven’t listened to '68 at all, I’ll definitely check them out.

I agree about ETID dude. They lost me for a little while but radical is the perfect sendoff for them.

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Everytime i see these arguments, it makes me think of this bit of stand up.

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Yeah, Josh is incredible. The duo of '68 is unbelievable live. Josh and Nikko (the drummer) feed off of each other so well. Nikko is also a gem of a person. I learned so much about jazz from him at Tid the Season. Haha

Wish ETID didn’t end the way it did, but Radical, and then their performances at Tid the Season, were the best goodbyes.

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