Heavy Metal Thread (and Associated Genres)

William Tell + Trooper = shredded horsetail.

Wasn’t sure if The Lone Ranger or the calvary was going to show up…

Not metal but if your head isn’t moving, you’re already dead.
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I went down an internet rabbit trail the other night that involved Varg Vikernes (sp?) and controversy surrounding that scene. Listened to some random songs by random groups and now I think I kinda like metal.

Who do I listen to? Who’s a must know or good intro to the genre?

Lol metal is rich with subgenres my man … if say scroll this thread and play some of what’s been posted here … there’s an ok representation of the rich tapestry of metal … see what you like and what you don’t but if recommend you don’t write off any subgenre

I used to hate death growls until I heard Opeth … still not a huge fan but bands like Opeth, Gojira, and Jinjer do it right for me (among others)

So metal is rich with great musicianship, vocals, song writing, and personalities and I stand firm has something for everyone


Yeah, he was one of the truly great guitarists. RIP.

Like @polo77j said, so many sub genres but at the very least I think you should know some classics

Judas Priest (start with “British Steel” album)
Iron Maiden
Metallica (anything from “Kill em all” , “Ride the Lightning”, “Master of Puppets” and “And Justice for All”)

My hair metal favorites
Twisted Sister

Slightly More modern bands
Korn (not quite sure if they are truly metal)
Avenged Sevenfold
Killswitch Engage
Nonpoint (on of my personal favorites)

Female lead vocal
Pretty Reckless
In This Moment (I highly recommend their collab with Rob Halford on “Black Wedding”)

Welcome to the best rabbit hole in music.


I think this is a rock band. They’re pretty good, but from what I recall they don’t have the sound typically associated with metal

They’re in line with Breaking Benjamin, three days Grace or perhaps stone sour.

Not to be pedantic, but non point is also a rock band

Korn are metal, albeit very unconventional metal

How does Black Sabbath fail to make the list?

All the rest are solid, solid choices though.

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Never was a huge Sabbath fan but you are right it should be included as a general knowledge base.

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That was my start in metal, so definitely sentimental value for me.

I maintain Heaven and Hell is one of the best metal albums of all time though.



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Heavy southern rock is my absolute weakness. Found these guys a few weeks ago and have had them on repeat since. Met them at a concert last week where they absolutely killed it - way better live than on the album.

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This song kicks ass

Edit: @Chris_Colucci is there some new trick to embedding youtube videos? i used to just paste the link and it would work.


Nope, should still work fine. Just posting the plain URL with nothing before or after it. Not sure why your link came up as a hyperlinked song title.

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A worthy bump. You should go listen to this, as loud as you can until your ears hurt

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This song literally never gets old.

Jamming out to 80’s hair metal while shitting out homework… will continue to update.


Feed My Frankenstein


“Hey Stoopid” is another great one.

I spent years working out to Cinderella’s greatest hits album.

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It’s a throwback kind of day
Every time these songs are played quietly, a mom shuts down a garage rock-band

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