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Heavy Metal Thread (and Associated Genres)

Man, I am telling you that Daisy will grow on you. My buddy and I both had the same initial reaction to it. We both thought TGAD was way better. We are both on the same page now (I think we both have them as equal), with Deja being after.

Check out that song I posted (Bought a Bride) again, At the Bottom, Noro (I think those are my favorites, but a lot of the songs really get better with more listening). Brand New does kinda non traditional music, and Daisy was less traditional than TDAG, so I think it needs more time to see the genius of it.

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I’ll definitely give it a few more spins man! Maybe after 12 years it’ll be enough to mature my tastes haha.

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Careful though. It is depressing AF.


You might get a kick out of this picture of me and Lord Ezec of Crown of Thornz and Skarhead. An acquaintance introduced me.


You look great in this pic, I’m really digging the face tattoos :laughing:

I like how he has a star of David pinned to his jacket. Takes guts to do something like that within a paradigm consisting of vastly more skinheads relative to the general population.


I’m assuming given the photo you were into hip hop and rap. This would also track well as you grew up in New York during the (90’s?)… At the time the New York hardcore and the New York hip hop scene was flourishing. I don’t actually know how old you are though so I’m using the information I have at my disposal to make a guess

Personally… I’m not a fan of rap. Hip hop has a beat, and I can get behind that. But I don’t like how much of hip hop culture glorifies or promotes gang culture, drug dealing, assault and murder.

“but Unreal, how is metal any better?”

Easy… The lyrics in (most) death metal/thrash metal songs are typically so over the top they can’t be taken seriously. That or various bands/songs tackle serious subject matter. Cattle decapitation advocates for animal rights, bands like dark tranquility sing about inner struggles, personal demons, bands like annihilator talk about societal degeneration (deadlock for reference), many metalcore bands tend to talk about overcoming personal struggles.

The senseless violence/exploitative subject matter present in bands like Cannibal corpse, slayer, toxic holocaust etc are clearly not to be taken seriously. With a large portion of hip hop the same can’t be said. Musicians flouting gang signs actually might be gang members, musicians talking about selling coke actually are coke dealers…

Obviously you have exceptions, black metal in particular troubles me and I’ve actually resorted to only listening to (most) black metal if I have procured the music in a manner that doesn’t promote or support said bands.

I just can’t identify with hip hop culture. I’m a modern orthodox Jew who grew up moving from place to place. I identified with metal/punk because listening to this music has served as a therapeutic outlet for me.

The only type of rap I can halfway tolerate is this kind of rap. The guitar is bouncy, catchy. The singing (consisting of multiple musicians singing at once) intertwined with the rapping is a neat touch.

And what is up with the band name (actually an Aussie band)? Based off an old meme.

Even then… After watching this music video I kind of want to smack my head against a wall as punishment for liking this (joking). What is the guy doing with his hands? What is this and why is it so prevalent in hip hop… Are they speaking sign language?

Then there’s the stoner culture prevalent in hip hop. I have no issue with pot aside from how it’s demotivating and similarly to drinking culture people tend to get annoying about it.

But hip hop seems to glorify it as if it’s the best thing in the world. Imagine if they spoke about it honestly

Excerpts from unreal24278, talez from adolescence volume one!

"Eating Cheetos, huffing down apple pie. Disasterous dietary infringements, the toilet is going to cry. 7,000 calories suddenly down the drain, pulling a stank face as I have no one else but myself to blame.

Taking afternoon naps, doing nothing but staying content. Playing obnoxious reggae guitar until the day comes to an end.

No productivity, no creativity. Unreal24278 had a day in front of him but spent it lighting up shrubbery. We aren’t talking about aren’t tomatoes, cabbage or brocolli. We are talking about the plant that robs you of clarity.


(Ba dum psst)
Wasting time!
Sore, irritated throat
But it’s fun!!
don’t do it often and you’ll be okay

Actually… That’s pretty good. I’m copyrighting this fat tune.

I should create a thread on societal degradation. We don’t see eye to eye, but over the past 12-15 months I’ve watched as (from my perspective) the secular world totally lose its mind. The non western world (middle east) lost its mind a long time ago. Having also been around untapped hedonism, particularly during lockdown at college wherein many turned to rampant substance abuse to cope… Having been around strained or failed relationships and the fallout associated I’ve come to realise you’ve actually made some very good points.

I still don’t agree re some of the various solutions you have proposed… And I’m not in agreement with you over what constitutes as degenerate conduct… But I agree something is wrong, our trajectory is headed towards self implosion on many fronts.

This has got to be a shitty, shitty time to have to raise a kid in. A time when total isolation from peers is feasible due to covid restrictions, a time where kids as young as fourteen are smoking ice (crystal meth)… Where youth suicides are at an all time high (depending on country).

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It was in 2015 at an New York Hardcore event at a bar in Brooklyn. Crown of Thornz and Skarhead are NYHC bands. Lord Ezec did rap as Danny Diablo.

Here are two examples of his crossover into two. The first video was made just blocks away from my uncle’s store, at “5 Pointz”. I used to visit there and take pictures. I have met several of the “writers” whose names are featured in it.

I listened to rap as early as eight years old, in 1988. I eventually grew very tired of it. The old rap I listened to was nothing like rap now. In the late 80s to early 90s I listened to Public Enemy, Ultramagnetic MC’s, Onyx, KRS One, Boogie Down Productions, Just Ice, Whodini, Schooly D, Too Short, Run DMC, Eric B and Rakim, Das Efx, Brand Nubian, and some others, all stuff I dont care for now.,

You mean the scene wasn’t infiltrated by nefarious characters? Or the quality of the music was higher and trash like Cardi B or Micki Minaj wasn’t considered rap. A number of rappers in the 90’s were assassinated in part due to gang warfare.

In 2011 there were an estimated 1.4 million active gang members in the USA… Isn’t that thought terrifying?

There’s something called mumble rap that is popular today, and it’s probably the worst thing you’ll ever hear in your life if you ever have the displeasure of listening to it

This differs starkly to that of myself. I listened to a lot of music I wasn’t supposed to. But up until around thirteen my folks didn’t like me listening to music that had coarse language and/or was overtly negative. In response to this, I procured an MP3 player and taught myself how to ‘acquire’ whatever music (it’s totally legal brah) I wanted for free.

This song got me into hot water. As did green days “horse shoes and hand grenades”.

Also figured out I could do the same with my Nintendo DS. Could get what you call an R4 chip. As a result you could get any game you wanted as opposed to spending 30-60$/game… Including games I had absolutely no business playing like resident evil. Oh well … I tUrNeD oUt FiNe!

The sound was totally different. There was violent and low-grade content back then too. There was far more intellectual and political content too.

Lzzy and Taylor are such badasses. Never got super into In This Moment, but Halestorm and The Pretty Reckless have done a hell of a lot to bring heavier music into the mainstream. I’d love to see them both go a bit heavier because I think both voices would excel in it, but even their current stuff is great. Lzzy does some real out-there collaborations that are unexpectedly cool.

Edit: well shit, ask and you shall receive

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If music has political commentary and thought provoking statements yet contains adult orientated content I’m all for that provided eight year olds don’t have free reign over it.

Adult orientated content is meant for adults and I don’t have a problem with adult content existing in this world. However it is becoming harder and harder to ensure exposure to such content occurs at an appropriate age.

Before a child is capable of making their own decisions, the parent has to make them. This crosses over to what is/isn’t appropriate for a child or young adolescent to view. Admittedly no child or adolescent is one in the same. What is appropriate for one may not be for another even if both are the same age.

The same concept goes for low brow, crude and crass music like Anaconda or WAP. It’s low quality grime from my perspective, but it is funny and if adults for whatever reason get a kick out of it I see no harm done. Though I find it concerning how much of the content appears to be geared towards children.

However if the artists making the music consist of hard drug dealers, gang members, murderers, illicit arms dealers… Now we have a problem. Cardi B was a stripper who used to supplement her income by drugging and stealing from her customers. Is this the role model we wish to promote?

How can we, as a society, in good conscience support such characters?

Not heavy metal… Almost. But a great video and a catchy chorus!


They got back together! This is dark, groovy and a bit of metal. The drummer kills it!

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One of my favorite bands … listened to this track a few times . Looking forward to the album

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The new Mastodon album is out and I’ve been playing this song on loop for days. I always love their album closers, they’re my favourite Mastodon songs (The Sparrow, The Last Baron, Jaguar God, Pendulous Skin, etc). This one is no different.


Pendulous skin might be my favorite mastodon song of all time, and the guitar solo is top 10 all time for me.

I’ve spent way too long trying to learn it and every time I get close, I quit.



Have to plug my local guys as well.

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This band is awesome. I have been listening awhile.