Heavy Metal Thread (and Associated Genres)

Oh shit. New vildhjarta dropped a few days ago.

Just discovered this version:
We Will Rock You (feat. Maria Brink, Lzzy Hale and Taylor Momsen) - YouTube

Probably the three best female rock vocalists currently on a classic song.

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October has been a great for new music so far

New every time I die album just released today.

A couple of guest spots from the chariots vocalist and the old Norma jean vocalist. Pretty badass CD from what I’ve heard so far

@BrickHead do you know what metalcore, post hardcore and electronicore are?

You’ve specified you know what emo and deathcore are, which surprised me.

Most adults are aware old school metal to a degree. Iron maiden, guns n roses, slayer, Metallica and black sabbath. Those who listened to it will be far more knowledgeable.

The fringe minority of kids/teens on the other hand who listen to this type of music tend to be relatively in the dark over the old stuff. They tend to be into say … Pierce the veil (cringe), scary kids scaring kids (actually this isn’t bad), Memphis May Fire, while she sleeps, Bring Me The Horizon (the earlier stuff was okay), born Of Osiris, thy art is murder, of mice and men and architects.

If you know any of these bands (can’t look them up beforehand) I will be very impressed with your breadth of music knowledge.

You will will have my stamp of approval, which coincidentally happens to be the a picture of the stankiest stank face I can find on the interwebs… This isn’t going to get old for me… This is my new malva pudding…

I am aware of metalcore and post hardcore, but not electronicore. However I don’t know of specific bands in any of them and I am assuming these genres are ridiculous and have much whining in all of them, and what I call “weirdo anger”.

I do know metalcore has its roots in old crossover bands like Agnostic Front, Carnivore, Corrosion of Conformity, Exploited, Suicidal Tendencies, and DRI. Liberty and Justice and Cause for Alarm by AF and The Massacre by Exploited were totally thrash albums.

I had nearly all Exploited, Suicidal, and AF albums until what I saw as their declines at the time. Now I think this all awful stuff despite still liking some of their songs and I don’t listen to them. I consider metal and rock, whatever the sub genre, destructive.

I am only familiar with Suicide Silence, Carnifex, and White Chapel. I saw White Chapel at the Metal Blade Anniversary five years ago in NYC.

I don’t know of any of them.

Stank face is a fitting term for most people in most tough-guy subcultures.

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Here’s an excerpt. "No one understands me! I am unique. I am a circle and everyone else is a triangle! my gf broke up with me and I’m sad. Dark thoughts.’’

It actually is cathartic to listen to, granted I don’t listen to emo/post hardcore or electronicore.

They actually turned “nu metal” for one album.

If I may ask… What genres of music aren’t destructive from your perspective. Rock n roll has been around since the 50’s, jazz since the late 1800’s (very strong precursor to rock, many jazz scales are still used in modem Rock and metal)

Also, when did this revelation occur to you and what mediated it. I don’t quite agree with you, I think singling out rock/metal isn’t fair when various other genres of music are associated with (believe it or not) far more toxic fan bases. I don’t believe ALL rock and metal is destructive either, you can’t call something destructive based on the sound alone.

They do have an image problem though, however unique sub-genres exist. I vehemently diageee folk rock, Christian metal and power metal are destructive in nature. There’s also Unblack metal… Otherwise known as Christian black metal. Maintains the sound, ditches the satanism, glorification of bodily harm and destructive behaviours.

I still listen to metal/rock ALL the time when I’m in private, but I will admit 99% of the music isn’t the most positive in nature. It’s what I like though, and listening to violent, aggressive music that glorifies toxic behaviour isn’t going to turn me into a violent, aggressive, extremely promiscuous sociopath. On the contrary, I’m not an aggressive person at all, I’m not promiscuous and I always think before I act in terms of the ways my actions may have a downstream effect on others.

And modern boxing/MMA… There is no sportsmanship/chivalry anymore. Just two guys/gals staring one another down, mouthing each other off.

Because it’s been a while since any quality music has been shared :tipping_hand_man:

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This is post hardcore.

No idea what this genre is technically called. I just call all my music emo screamo.

Edit: just googled post hardcore. It looks like my pandora playlist. Apparently I like post hardcore music. The more you know!

I don’t understand like 99% of the lyrics in most death metal songs anyway.

Most early Sepultura songs before they went political sound like this to me:

“Grrr grrr growwwww grrrr uuugh ggrrooo DIE!”

I used to listen to their earlier albums with the volume turned down to fall asleep when I was in uni and “white noise machines” weren’t invented yet.

The Arise album was pretty good, though.

Then one song in Chaos A.D almost made me blow a funny fuse:






Dead… Embryonic… cells.
Dudu doop doop tadoop floop doop toopity
Dudu doop doop tadoop floop doop toopity
Dudu doop doop tadoop floop doop toopity
Dudu doop doop tadoop floop doop toopity

Flooooppppp toopdoooop (yeet)

Corrosion inside - we feel
Condemned future - we see
Emptiness calls - we hear
Final premonition - the truth

I use my own lyrics for the guitar noises

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LMAO that sounds about right.

I did really like their change in musical direction, though. I don’t get why they were so anti-religion in Morbid Visions when the dudes were clearly more political than anything else.

It think it’s probably because the death metal audience at the time wanted the anti-Christian shit. Capitalism rocks lol.

Altered State was excellent. Loved that riff with the whammy bar being depressed.

Can you share your reasoning here please?

I’m going to try to by the end of the week.

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Anyone here ever listen to Brand New. Certainly not metal, and I don’t like their early stuff (kinda pop punk stuff). Their later stuff I really like. IDK what to call it though.

I like this one a lot.

This one too.

I think it has a bit of a grunge sound to it. Pretty dark subject matter.


The whole “the devil and God are raging inside me” album is pretty much perfect. It came.out when I was in highschool and completely changed the way I imagined what music could be. I barely listen to it because it’s so depressing, but I love it.

They have some pretty great songs on the earlier albums scattered in between the punk songs. Deja Entendu was kind of transition album that started to bridge the gap between the pop punk sound and straight up depressing shit, might want to check that one out.

Edit: they also had a “devil and God” demo tape/b side release with a few extra songs that weren’t on the CD.

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I agree they do some really different stuff. I haven’t heard much like it. Perhaps if you mixed Modest Mouse with a grunge band, you would be close.

It is probably the most depressing music I have found. I love it though. The writing has a lot of dark themes. They for sure have a lot of references to Christianity / religion.

I like this album, but IMO the Devil and God album and Daisy are quite a bit better.

If you haven’t listened to Daisy yet, give that a listen. My first impression was pretty good, but nothing like The Devil and God. The more I listen to that one, the more I like it, perhaps more than The Devil and God album.

For me, I know I am getting / am depressed when I start listening to them or Alice in Chains.

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No rush man, I appreciate your thoughts. Tag me when you do please, I don’t check this thread too much.

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I was super excited for daisy when it came out but was thoroughly disappointed because nothing can hold a candle to the devil and God, for me. They were doomed as a band, in my eyes, because nothing they could do would measure up.

I’ve listened to every release before and after TDAG but they just aren’t quite as good, deja being a distant second for me. I just don’t have the same reaction emotionally

Absolutely haha. Not the best party music. It can legitimately change my mood after listening to it, and that’s why I avoid it. It sort of sends me into an existential spiral.

I was going to throw up my favorite few lines of lyrics from the CD but I just don’t want to look them up haha. Just talking about it makes me want to listen to it but I know it’s a bad idea.

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