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Heavy Metal Thread (and Associated Genres)

Thread for all things metal. Discuss, link your favourite songs/guitar riffs and solos.

Punk/hardcore can also be included, as can crossover genres (metalcore, powerviolence etc)

Agreed, the community can be irritating and divisive.

Heavy metal is an extremely diverse field of music. Deep purple is categorically “heavy metal”, as is cattle decapitation and (some of) Sum 41. That being said, they’re EXTREMELY different in style.

The most irritating comments I hear are

1 - “ThAt’S mEtAlCoRe, It DoEsN’T cOunT, same goes for deathcore”
2 - “nu/alternative metal isn’t metal”


1: are you really telling me this

Isn’t metal?

As to no#2

Just because it isn’t conventional doesn’t equate to music not falling under the category of “heavy metal”. I’m not a fan of nu metal, but go listen to the first two albums released by Linkin Park. They have breakdowns, growling/screaming vocals, heavily distorted guitars etc.

For anyone who remembers sum 41 as mainstream pop punk (i.e “in too deep”)

Sum 41 broke through and became popular via pop punk singles/one or two albums dedicated to this sub genre. But as a whole they’ve been quite experimental in nature and taken far more risk than say, blink 182. As a result I think they’re actually a better, more well rounded and less bland sounding band

The majority of their current releases cater towards melodic hardcore and/or hard rock.

Single taken from most recent album


Metal thread

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I mostly like the instrumental stuff other than the usual Metallica and similar bands. I guess this is kinda heavy:


Jason Becker is/was a prodigy.

Here he is at 15

Btw what you’re looking for is more/less neoclassical metal

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Yeah, he was pretty amazing when he could still play.

Not all metal includes screaming, growling or shouting

Tool, deep purple, rainbow, motor sister, tremonti etc come to mind

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Brian May on Nuno:

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This is probably my favourite band alongside Rammstein. Shame I can’t pronounce a single one of their songs when I try to tell people about them IRL.

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Queen actually released a few “metal” ish songs

Stone cold crazy is arguably the first thrash metal song… ever

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Led Zep’s Achilles’ Last Stand is the reason why Iron Maiden even existed IMHO.


You might enjoy code orange (their newest album). Similar industrial sound, but includes screaming/growling

Didn’t Led Zeppelin invent Viking metal? (Immigrant song)

I’ve actually got a Led Zep poster hung up in my room

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I don’t much about this stuff lol.

I know a band you’ll probably like. Check out pain

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Thanks, I’ll check them out. I also really loved Machine Head, but they’ve gone downhill IMO after the Blackening/Locust era.

I thought Locust was pretty good. Wasn’t a fan of their newest album, they’ve gone in the wrong direction in hopes to latch onto the new wave of nu metal revival.

Singles released in 2020 aren’t bad (in my opinion)

bring me the horizon has successfully managed to tap into that nu metal resurgence and doesn’t sound terrible. I actually thought this was pretty decent

That being said, I’ve never been the biggest fan of nu metal. Songs like this bring forward a bridge between mainstream contemporary pop and harder music. It’s easier to slowly introduce others to alternative music with this as opposed to putting on some orbituary and hoping for the best

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I was talking about White noise machines in the other thread. Before we had them, I self-discovered this is the best album to help you fall asleep if you keep the volume low.

I love sepultura, favourite song is undoubtedly territory, narrowly followed by refuse/resist and dead embryonic cells.

They actually also went nu-metal… once, in effort to cash in on the mainstream surge of the genre.

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That was the one plus the entire album that made me take them seriously as musicians. Great album.

That’s death metal, I thought you said you weren’t into the extreme stuff?