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Heavy Metal Parrot




Parrot, I salute you. \m/


That is awesome.


That is awesome, but I would find it extremely annoying


Check this guy out






We had a budgie for a bit (croaked at 6 y.o.). My sister-in-law was a teenager around that time and she taught him to say "What-EV-ahhhh"!



I really don't like that song, but that was awesome


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuKcUx8oL9w lol


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWhxCB0ndJE Even funnier than the OP, IMO.


That is terrible. It is sooo easy for a little conure to get bone broken or get killed. Those people don't need to be caring for a bird.


I got a little uncomfortable watching that myself. The dog was being gentle but it would only have taken a moments clumsiness to hurt the bird.

The second one, the Death Metal Parrot, was great though.


Yet more metal parrot goodness. This little guy even looks like he's throwing the horns.


The bird was stressed, panicked, and fighting for it's life because it's wings were to severely clipped to even try to get away. The owner was laughing and the dog was playing with a moving squeaky toy.

Put a little kitten in with an adult elephant that's playing around with it and see how cute it is. Even if the elephant doesn't decide to kill it, it just takes one little step.

Literally the leg bones of that bird are the size of toothpicks and things like the toe bones are even smaller.

Someone should take that bird away.


Actually, that bird was playing. I know this because I've played similar games with my bird and my birds play with their toys like that (they love attacking bells, mirrors, and stuffed animals). If the bird was freaked out, its feathers would be pulled close to its body, its eyes would be bugging out of its head, and if it vocalized it would be a high pitched warning trill. Also, he would have retreated back to his corner, instead of continuing to chase the dog halfway across the room.

I don't think it's a great idea to have your dog tease your bird like that because if the dog's mood changes, the bird is going to disappear, but in that particular video the bird was defending territory, not scared out of his mind.


I think I gotta agree with this. Granted, it's not a dog, but our cat and cockatiel play in a very similar way all the time. Birds will generally let you KNOW when they're pissed through their physical language, not totally sure I was seeing it there. I'm guessing the two animals had been acquainted many times prior as well.


Really? because I happen to own a green cheeked conure that looks just like that one. The puffed up feathers and wings, tail feathers splayed out, and the sound he's making is what they do when they are pissed off. That was not the sound they make when they are playing. The bird is not playing at all. The bird is attempting to hurt the dog to make it leave.

That is exactly how my bird acts when the dogs get too close and it feels threatened. He absolutely hates the dogs. (and feet, he hates feet and I don't know why)


Gotcha, I'll go ahead and redact my previous statement. My exposure to birds is mostly on with Cockatiels and McCaws... never really saw the McCaw get too pissed but our cockatiel usually goes into "fighting" mode whenever it's riled up - wings full expanded, head low, beak ready.


Yeah, the funny thing is when Luigi (my conure) gets really freaked out and upset he starts panting more than vocalizing. And that's generally soft enough I'd doubt you could hear it on the video.


My conures think it's super fun to attack their toys, bash them agains the side of the cage while making the same vocalization as the parrot in the video. Also, my little one (white earred) likes to start hand-wrestling matches, which, when the parrot crawls off your shoulder all puffed up and engages with your motionless hand, you know it's a game. My green cheek enjoys chasing a bell when I hold it and then flinging it off the top of his cage when I drop it up there. They're pretty much like territorial dogs who happen to enjoy head scratches, dancing to music, and charming people.