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Heavy Metal Map


I found this interesting/informative/entertaining.



Great find!


It's pretty interesting, although I'm not sure I get the model. That's not a knock, I think it's pretty cool, but I think a 'tree' or a time element in the map would do Metal more justice-- you know, how they map tribes and population vectors. It's cool that Sabbath is the center of Metal and connected to Zep, but the map seems to give more creedence to Sabbath (ie. Sabbath Centric).

Progressive metal, in my mind, is not a direct path from Sabbath, but from Beatles, Yes, Gentle Giant, and Zep.

I could pick it apart all day long, but I won't because it's pretty fucking awesome!


Trance Metal.


I'll have to show this site to my step-father-in-law. He was a drummer for buffalo for a few years. He said they were always lumped in with Sabbath, but really they were N.W.O.B.H.M. This site lumped them with Sabbath as well.

He has a few great stories. I think his favourite is being able to say Iron Maiden opened for them (due to losing the coin toss)! haha

But like you said, this site pretty fucking awesome.


wheres Meshuggah's own country?


Swedish death metal


X2 on the Yes connection to some metal. When I listen Mastodon sometimes I hear Yes influences or prog rock in general. Little moments on those long arrangements.

I think I have most of those songs on the list...on vinyl lol.


Eh, I'm not totally sure how I feel about it.


pretty cool find


It's pretty accurate.


Looks like each genre, has at least 5 songs on it 100 genre's so you have most of 500 songs on vinyl? Expensive hobby.


It clearly seems to be Zep Centric.

I'm currently laughing at "Invert the Inverted Cross." in the unblack metal.

Edit: It looks like their source is Wikipedia.


I like it, it's pretty neat-o. I spent about an hour looking through it. I think Carcass deserves a lot more coverage though. And I'm appalled at the lack of Bolt Thrower.


lol, you can't label Meshuggah swedish death metal, they are just Meshuggah




Fucking epic. Mad Horse, you are now my favorite poster here lol




Good find MH. I'll be spreading this link.


Far too much Dream Theater in the prog. metal section.

Pretty cool little site though.